Submissions from 2002

(Presentation) The state we're in (in 1835 at least!), Annette Atkins


(Presentation) Beethoven's Immortal Beloved: Marek's Research, Willem (Wim) Ibes


(Presentation) Beethoven's Immortal Beloved: The Letter of July 6-7, 1812, Willem (Wim) Ibes

Submissions from 2001

(Presentation) Ten years later: Russia and the former Soviet Union a decade after the end of the USSR, Nicholas Hayes

(Presentation) Civil society and national development in Nigeria, Anthony Cunningham

(Presentation) Hypnosis: Myth, Miracle, or Madness?, Aubrey Immelman

(Presentation) "The meaning of crusade, then and now", Theresa M. Vann

(Presentation) Academics in political change: affordable housing in central Minnesota, Daniel K. Finn and Martin Connell

(Presentation) J.F. Powers: divinely inspired gadfly, Nancy Hynes OSB

(Presentation) Greening the campus: toward environmental sustainability in higher education, Environmental Studies Faculty and Students

(Presentation) Ex corde ecclesiae: saving the soul of the Catholic University?, Joseph Farry

(Presentation) Toe the white line, Felicia Washington

(Presentation) Unlikely stories, Elaine Rutherford

(Presentation) Binge drinking: the real story about alcohol use at CSB/SJU part II, Eric Felsch, Jenny Miller, and Janet Anderson

(Presentation) A visual survey of Minnesotan megafauna, William Lamberts


(Presentation) Why Do We Consume So Much?, Juliet B. Schor

Submissions from 2000

(Presentation) Binge drinking: the real story about alcohol use at CSB/SJU, Eric Felsch, Jenny Miller, and Janet Anderson

(Presentation) A reading and discussion with poet Larry Schug, Lawrence "Larry" Schug


(Presentation) Moral Crusader vs. Flyboy: The Political Personalities of Al Gore and George W. Bush, Aubrey Immelman

(Presentation) Holocaust(s)-singular, plural, forgotten, competing?, Gregory Schroeder

(Presentation) The hammer and the nail: reflections on war, genocide and the ethics of intervention in the ex-Yugoslavia, Nicholas Hayes

(Presentation) Pop-up parenting: what a post-modern mother owes to Erma Bombeck, Karen L. Erickson

(Presentation) Factors that affect hospitalization rates for mental illness: analysis of state-level panel data, Jamie Partridge and Lynn Bye

(Presentation) The common ground dialogue method for intervening in widespread social conflicts, Adrian Kaufmann

(Presentation) Exported ethnic conflict: the Kurds in Germany, Vera Ecarrius-Kelly

(Presentation) Vampire gender and genre: is commonality in the genes?, Wendy Sterba

(Presentation) Candle and a mirror: art reflections on violence and identity in the middle east, Cedar Nordbye

Submissions from 1999


(Presentation) Uneconomic Growth: In Theory, in Fact, in History, and in Relation to Globalization, Herman E. Daly

Submissions from 1998


(Presentation) Understanding Asia's Financial Crisis, Barry Eichengreen


(Performance) Beethoven's Immortal Beloved: A first intimation of the text Beethoven really had in mind, Willem (Wim) Ibes

Submissions from 1997


(Presentation) Economics, Faith and Welfare Reform: Can We Improve Government Policy for the Poor?, Rebecca Blank

Submissions from 1995


(Performance) Beethoven's Immortal Beloved: A First Intimation of the Text Beethoven Really Had in Mind, Willem (Wim) Ibes


(Performance) Beethoven's Immortal Beloved: Initial Analysis of Piano Sonata 28, Opus 101, Willem (Wim) Ibes

Submissions from 1994


(Presentation) Adam Smith Goes to Moscow, Walter Adams

Submissions from 1992


(Presentation) Why Competition in Health Care Has Failed: What Would It Take to Make It Work?, Alain C. Enthoven

Submissions from 1991


(Presentation) Progress of Economic Reform in Eastern Europe, Jeffrey Sachs

Submissions from 1990


(Presentation) Music Fullness of the Present, Willem (Wim) Ibes


(Presentation) Exiting from the Cold War: Problems of Economics and Politics, Seymour Melman

Submissions from 1989


(Presentation) Self-Interest, Markets, and the Four Problems of Economic Life, Daniel K. Finn

Submissions from 1988


(Presentation) Debt, Policy Reform and Poverty Alleviation in Developing Countries, Anne O. Krueger

Submissions from 1987


(Presentation) The Preferential Option for the Poor: An Economist's Perspective, Stephen T. Worland