Submissions from 2008

(Presentation) Being in charge: The moral significance of choice, Erica Stonestreet

(Presentation) Exploring Kanji: A historical, categorical, and cultural study on one of the world's most interesting writing systems, Catherine Hansen

(Presentation) unknown, Allison J. Spenader

(Presentation) unknown, James Michael Makepeace

(Presentation) Creating negative stereotypes: Theater's responsibility for spreading racism aimed at African Americans, Kaarin S. Johnston

(Presentation) Slaves, mules and cotton: gang labor on Antebellum southern plantations, John F. Olson

(Presentation) The Psychological Profiles of Presidential Candidates John McCain and Barack Obama, Aubrey Immelman

(Presentation) Christian self-giving and the resistance of victim-survivors: A surprising confluence, Anna Mercedes

(Presentation) Not what I ordered: Reflections on life in Sarajevo, Noreen L. Herzfeld

(Presentation) Theology, Kari-Shane Davis


(Presentation) “A Meta-Evaluation of Institutional Outcomes Assessment: The Confluence of Assessment Policy, Procedure, and Practice” or, simply, “Assessing Assessment”, Philip I. Kramer

(Presentation) The leadership attitudes and beliefs of incoming first year students at CSB/SJU, Donald Fischer, Maribeth Overland, and Laura Adams

(Presentation) The value of experiential learning communities: Are internships in a community worth more than internships alone?, G. Claire Haeg and Matthew Lindstrom

(Presentation) South India today: Reflections of a summer faculty study tour, Manju Parikh, Cynthia Curran, Ellen Ellickson, Jean Lavigne, Wendy Klepetar, Madhu Mitra, Sucharita Sinha Mukherjee, and Peggy Retka


(Presentation) CSB Convocation 2008, Stephen G. Saupe


(Presentation) SJU Convocation 2008, Mark Thamert OSB

(Presentation) The little white pill: contraception and its influence on the 'un-hooked' dating practices of today's young men and women, Kari-Shane Davis


(Presentation) The Art of Making Assessment Anti-Venom: Injecting Assessment in Small Doses to Create a Faculty Culture of Assessment, Philip I. Kramer

(Presentation) unknown, Emily Esch

(Presentation) The Tao of Lagom: a Middle Way for the Middle Kingdom, John Hasselberg

(Presentation) unknown, Kurt Sorensen

(Presentation) unknown, Parker Wheatley

(Presentation) Austrian communities and their struggles to remember the victims of the Third Reich: long-term debates, books, arts, education in the culture of remembrance since 1945; plus commentary on wreats and cigars, Gregory Schroeder

(Presentation) From bumps in the road to the edge of chaos: the nature of change in adult lives, Elizabeth Keenan

(Presentation) Skin in the game: the importance of family-based peace groups in the anti-war movement today, Kelly Kraemer

(Presentation) unknown, John Van Rooy

(Presentation) Why the Book of Psalms?, Mary Jane Berger OSB

(Presentation) Environmental student internships abroad: tales from the Southern Hemisphere, Sophia Gossman and Molly Roske


(Presentation) The Power of TV: Women's Status in India and the Role of Cable Television, Emily Oster

Submissions from 2007

(Presentation) The Psychological Profiles of the Top-Tier Republican and Democratic Candidates for President, Aubrey Immelman

(Presentation) The war for Christmas: on the risks of sacralising the secular, Shane A. Miller

(Presentation) unknown, Melissa Hand

(Presentation) Chicago and Lake Street reconstruction, Joal Reeves

(Presentation) Gut reactions & moral judgment: new contributions from moral psychological and neuroscience, Charles W. Wright

(Presentation) Sara Rudick and transracial adoptive maternal practice, Jean Keller

(Presentation) unknown, Jerome Tupa OSB

(Presentation) Promoting self management in heart failure patients through education and telemonitoring, Carrie Hoover

(Presentation) A case study in global solidarity: the St. Cloud-Homa Bay partnership, Ronald Pagnucco


(Presentation) CSB Convocation 2007, Pamela L. Bacon

(Presentation) You’ve been Facebooked: examining student use of Facebook at CSB/SJU, Kelly A. Berg, Abbe Coen, and Megan Mastrian

(Presentation) Is environmentalism a religion?, David Gordon Brown, Ernest Diedrich, William Lamberts, and Derek R. Larson

(Presentation) Service-learning and civic engagement: a longitudinal assessment of experiential education, Karyl Daughters

(Presentation) Gender differences in students’ identification with CSB/SJU: a social psychological analysis, Pamela L. Bacon

(Presentation) Waves of warblers: the spring migration in Minnesota, Marcus Webster

(Presentation) Turkish entry into the European Union and the Austrian memory of the Turkish Wars, Gregory Schroeder


(Presentation) How Growing Inequality Hurts the Middle Class, Robert H. Frank

Submissions from 2006

(Presentation) The search for truth as a response to naturalism: are science and theology joined at the hip?, Vincent M. Smiles

(Presentation) Matching electrical needs with the output of solar panels: important considerations and some possible applications, Lynn Schultz

(Presentation) Values, beliefs and development, Jeffry Jacob

(Presentation) Scandinavian myths and other humours: A faculty study group report on Norway and Sweden., Ernest Diedrich, John Hasselberg, Derek R. Larson, Matthew Lindstrom, M. Sheila Nelson, and John Yoakam


(Presentation) Involving university science faculty in the preparation of teachers: The call and the challenge of participation, Philip I. Kramer

(Presentation) Public policy, religion, and John Dewey’s “Common Faith”, John Brandl

(Presentation) Poetry reading, Lawrence Schug

(Presentation) The stain of transcendence in the early Wittgenstein, Brian Armstrong

(Presentation) Use of the internet as a business tool by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): a descriptive study of small Minnesota-based manufacturers’ internet usage, Lydia MacKenzie

(Presentation) Speaking of language: the conversations of English learners during small-group reading lessons, Michael J. Borka

(Presentation) The evolution of the African National Congress: from revolutionaries to social democrats?, Gary Prevost


(Presentation) Faculty fear: The misalignment of faculty rewards and universitycommunity partnerships, Philip I. Kramer

(Presentation) Faith based approaches to problem gambling, John Yoakam

(Presentation) Developing case studies: a multimedia approach, Rick D. Saucier, Virginia Arthur, and Jane Kathman

(Presentation) Creativity, communication and relationship satisfaction: the form and function of creativity in close romantic relationships, Karyl Daughters

(Presentation) Crackpots in the Commonwealth: neo-populists party emergence in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, G. Claire Haeg

(Presentation) Sport as a vehicle for social change, Janna LaFountaine


(Presentation) Is War Necessary for Economic Growth?, Vernon W. Ruttan

Submissions from 2005

(Presentation) Is the US losing its edge?: innovation and competitiveness in the global economy, Sanford L. Moskowitz

(Presentation) Understanding the exercise patterns of CSB students, Donald Fischer

(Presentation) After the bubble: the survival and evolution of internet markets for business-to-business exchange, Parker Wheatley

(Presentation) Mother Benedicta Riepp and Abbot Boniface Wimmer play cards: an epistological 'raise you one', Jill Zasadny

(Presentation) Managing as if people mattered*: how Catholic social teaching can inform management practice. *with apologies to E.F. Shumacher, Virginia Arthur

(Presentation) A reading from Mark: a memior, Nicholas Hayes

(Presentation) Exogamy and bias against daughters in health-care provision: a theory and evidence from two northern states in India, Sharmistha Self

(Presentation) Aikido: a philosopher’s martial art, Charles W. Wright

(Presentation) The vultures of St. John’s looking for dead dogs, Kilian McDonnell OSB

(Presentation) Sexual assault prevalence and rape myths in CSB/SJU students, Don Turk

(Presentation) The other in the self: gender differences in the self-concept, Pamela L. Bacon

(Presentation) The “magic” of wellness: tips for improving your GPA, Janna LaFountaine, Rachelle Parsons, and Mary Neisen

(Presentation) A family poetry reading, Jay Meek, Martha Meek, and Anna Meek

(Presentation) War on terror in Kashmir? The future of India - Pakistan relations, Manju Parikh

(Presentation) Emerging educational reforms in Japan: a case study, Icihiro Nashiro

(Presentation) Hail, Salzburg! and damn the Vortex: historical memory in Austria revisited, Gregory Schroeder


(Presentation) Can Foreign Aid Save Africa?, William Easterly

Submissions from 2004

(Presentation) Christmas in Naples: The theological art of the Italian Presepio, Nathanael Hauser OSB

(Presentation) The influence of gender on resistance training adherence in division III athletes, Donald Fischer

(Presentation) Rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, Ellen Ellickson and Linda Peck

(Presentation) Ghosts goblins and ghouls: a monk's reflection, Michael Patella OSB

(Presentation) Moral perception and the structure of practical identity, Charles W. Wright

(Presentation) The photograph as icon in contemporary film noir detective films, Wendy Sterba

(Presentation) Do inter-caste marriages necessarily lower dowries?, Sharmistha Self

(Presentation) "I saw a girl get kidnapped, and I thought it would happen to me": cognitive development and fright reactions to media, Julie Lynch and Erin A. Szabo

(Presentation) Building the railroad to St, Joe and Collegeville: Dutch bankers, Canadian speculators and a US Government land “give away”, Joseph Farry

(Presentation) The native Hawaiian experience through folksongs, Jeffrey J. Kamakahi

(Presentation) Just a game? Video games, war, and self understanding, Noreen L. Herzfeld

(Presentation) The natural history of Saint John's maple syrup, Stephen G. Saupe and John Geissler

(Presentation) What? German victims? What German victims? German civilians in WWII and in current debates, Gregory Schroeder

(Presentation) ...And one for all? Beethoven's Missa Solemnis and the question of vocal forces in the "Sanctus" movement, Mark Ehlert

(Presentation) More light on a statistical dark age: output and employment in the US, 1790-1928, Louis D. Johnston


(Presentation) Does Big Government Hurt Economic Growth?, Peter H. Lindert

Submissions from 2003

(Presentation) The intersection of biology and culture in morality, Charles W. Wright

(Presentation) Moving body and soul: the aesthetic theory of music of Johann Mattheson, Brian Campbell

(Presentation) Learning what it really costs: teaching ethics with life-cycle case studies, Joseph R. DesJardins and Ernest Diedrich