The Forum provides opportunities for CSB/SJU community members to offer public presentations on their scholarly and other interests. Presentations are informal, generally lasting about 40 minutes, followed by a question and discussion period to end the hour. The Forum was on hiatus from March 2020 through Spring 2023 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Submissions from 2020


(Presentation) Why Darwin remains a problem for theism, John Houston

(Presentation) Wild minds: integrating nature into daily life, Hannah P. Windschitl

(Presentation) Infected kin: orphan care and AIDS in Lesotho, Ellen Block and Will McGrath


(Presentation) A visit to the present: potential benefits of inclusion of mindfulness in study abroad programs, Kevin Clancy, Ana Conboy, Henry V. Jakubowski, and Dani Jakubowski

Submissions from 2019


(Presentation) The philosophy of Michael Polanyi: from the discoveries of science to the contemplation of God, Vincent M. Smiles

(Presentation) Original voices of CSB women; creating their own production, Kaarin S. Johnston

(Presentation) Carbonation and sweetness in beverages impact perceived satiety and biomarkers in healthy weight adults, Emily Heying, Alexa L. Evenson, Alec M. Janning, Annaliese R. Widmer, and Joleen A. Barnett


(Presentation) Understanding intercultural learning in CSB/SJU Study Abroad programs: 2010 to today, Allison J. Spenader and Joy Ruis


(Presentation) The new CSB/SJU Honors Program, Emily Esch, William Lamberts, and Elisabeth Wengler

(Presentation) Is there a book exhibit in this class? : experiential learning at the library, Matthew Z. Heintzelman, Emily Kuffner, and Yvette Piggush


(Presentation) “Thus seyden sadde folk” : Chaucer’s Oxford Clerk on theological controversy in the 14th century, Molly K. Kluever

(Presentation) Climate for change, Henry V. Jakubowski

(Presentation) Exploring research in the Fine Arts, Amelia Cheever, Betsy Johnson-Miller, Rachel Melis, and Susan Vollbrecht


(Presentation) The TalkAbroad case: addressing intercultural communicative competency in FREN311, Ana Conboy


(Presentation) Creating a molecular map of the pediatric lung, Quinlen F. Marshall

(Presentation) Marvel Comics' Benedictine superhero?: on the unknowable X-Men, Kurt Hollender

(Presentation) An ecological model for building multiculturalism and social justice in institutions of higher education, Richard M. Wielkiewicz, Amanda M. Jantzer, and Stephen P. Stelzner

(Presentation) Surviving Anatomy and Physiology: can metacognitive training help?, Jennifer Schaefer

(Presentation) More than a caged bird: Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samoruai as ethical criticism, Reid A. Lemker

(Presentation) Kichwa substrate in Ecuadorean Spanish, Patricia Bolanos

(Presentation) Industry effects in the dividend initiation decision, Wei Huang

(Presentation) Collegebound: assessing the CSB/SJU outdoor orientation program, Kyle Rauch

(Presentation) Food insecurity and barriers for CSB/SJU students, Emily Heying and Jonathan Nash


(Presentation) The legacy of natural species and substantial form for Thomistic evolution, James R. Hofmann

(Presentation) SNCC Digital Gateway: learn from the past, organize the future, make democracy work, Karlyn Forner

(Presentation) Babysan's Burden: an analysis of the American Occupation of Japan through cartoons, Elisheva Perelman


(Presentation) Lessons in productivity: what I learned by writing for 30 minutes a day, Mary Stenson

Submissions from 2018

(Presentation) ASIANetwork Faculty Enhancement Program: providing a gateway to collaborations in China and India, Deborah Pembleton


(Presentation) Rock and roll’s first decade - - a history and a claim, Thomas Woodward

(Presentation) Kaleidoscopic allusions: James and Wharton on modernity through art, convention, and the kaleidoscope, Madeline A. Krumel

(Presentation) Saint John’s maple syrup: the world’s best maple syrup, Stephen G. Saupe

(Presentation) Cahuilla Nation activism and the tribal casino movement, Theodor P. (Ted) Gordon

(Presentation) Cover crops: a sustainable practice in a corn-wheat cropping system, Abigail E. Borgmeier

(Presentation) Musical performance as cultural theory, Michael Opitz

(Presentation) How a culture of philanthropy impacts all of us, Maggie Webber Utsch and Raj Chaphalkar

(Presentation) Students’ usage of and attitudes toward social media, Lisa M. Lindgren


(Presentation) The election and impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's first woman president, Pedro A. G. dos Santos

(Presentation) Interdisciplinary collaboration during student health fair volunteer experiences, Mary Stenson, Mark Glen, Nicole Lang, and Julie Strelow

(Presentation) Songs of courage and compassion: missionaries in occupied China during WWII, Zhihui Sophia Geng

(Presentation) Interdependence of vascular and neural stem cells: relationship to neurological disorders, Valerie N. Doze

(Presentation) Dis/robing for the Divine: Virtue as a Means and an ‘End’ to Union with God, Chris Conway

(Presentation) Glocal Gotland: A Case Study in Self-Reliance & Submission in the 21st Century, John Hasselberg

(Presentation) The legacy of the Emperor Akihito at the twilight of his reign, Jeffrey DuBois

(Presentation) New Poems by Larry Schug, Lawrence Schug


(Presentation) How to Speak to God: A Fictional Exploration of Nuclear Testing in the American West, Rachel Marston

(Presentation) The Effects of Tutoring on Self-Efficacy and Identity as a Scientist, Kate J. Graham, Annette Raigoza, and Catherine Bohn-Gettler


(Presentation) The Drunkard's Search: Student Evaluation in Assessing Teaching Effectiveness, Christi Siver and G. Claire Haeg

(Presentation) Women's Lives in Sixteenth-Century Spain: Narratives of Pregnancy and Childbirth, Emily Kuffner

(Presentation) Arithmetic as `pure' and `applied', Sunil Chetty

Submissions from 2017

(Presentation) Impact of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Membership on Dietary Habits and Food Waste in Central Minnesota CSA Programs, Emily Heying


(Presentation) Working One-on-One with Students who have Learning Differences, Maria Frie and Stanton A. Charlton

(Presentation) What We Share: Storytelling in Psychology and Theater, Sean Dooley and Amanda M. Jantzer


(Presentation) Civic Engagement in the Trump Era: Increasing Political Understanding through the Washington DC Internship Program, G. Claire Haeg

(Presentation) CSB/SJU Sexual Violence Campus Climate Survey Results, Lori Klapperich, Jody Terhaar, and Mike Ewing

(Presentation) How are new technologies being used to study children’s heart disease?, Riley J. Leonard

(Presentation) Presence Matters: Performing Arts at Nonviolent Activism, Matthew Cobb


(Presentation) First-Generation Bennies and Johnnies: Who they are, what they need, how CSB/SJU is supporting them, and what you can do in your position, Hannah A. Salto


(Presentation) Text Analytics in R: is Donald Different?, Thomas W. Kirkman

(Presentation) The meditation on (and the making of) art, Betsy Johnson-Miller

(Presentation) The Roman settlement at Omrit: New discoveries made by the CSB/SJU archaeological field school in Northern Israel, Jason M. Schlude

(Presentation) Bilingualism and the brain: The benefits of learning another language, Ana Conboy, Christina M. Hennessy, Tania Gomez, and Allison J. Spenader


(Presentation) Sustainable polymers: plastics from plants, Chris Schaller

(Presentation) Using 3D printing to enhance student learning in content areas, Diana Fenton and Adam Konczewski


(Presentation) Integrative pedagogy and foreign language learning, Adam Konczewski, Patricia Bolanos-Fabres, and Ana Conboy

(Presentation) Examining moral courage in perioperative nurses in different regions of the United States, Georgia Hogenson


(Presentation) Demographics and food waste trends of Common Ground Garden CSA members in Central Minnesota, Kendra M. Butkowski

(Presentation) Speaking boldly, looking intently: models of monastic and scriptural friendship, Aidan J. Putnam OSB

(Presentation) Student Affairs professionals: student success stewards on the college campus, Rebecca Brown-Medvec, Jody Terhaar, Dan McAvey, Brittni Sweeney, and Patricia Klug


(Presentation) Arithmetic: math as 'pure' and 'applied', Sunil Chetty


(Presentation) How long does savings last when retirees need more money (or less) than conventional wisdom suggests?, Steven J. Welch

Submissions from 2016

(Presentation) Libraries in the age of Google, Kathleen Parker

(Presentation) Conscience and command: ethical voluntarism in John Duns Scotus, William of Ockham, and Karl Barth, J. Andrew Edwards


(Presentation) What are "Inclusive Pedagogies"? What must faculty do differently to teach inclusively?, Jean Keller, Kyhl Lyndgaard, Jeffrey DuBois, Kelly A. Berg, and Charles W. Wright

(Presentation) New Poems, Lawrence Schug


(Presentation) Personality and Leadership Profiles of 2016 Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Aubrey Immelman

(Presentation) Women in a Church of Mercy, Karen M. Kiefer


(Presentation) Why 1517 matters: on the relevance of the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Benjamin Durheim

(Presentation) Interfaith dialogue: bridge building, Edward P. Huff


(Presentation) Experiential learning through a real and live case study model, Kingshuk Mukherjee

(Presentation) A practical guide on how to achieve a better work--life balance, Bret J. Benesh

(Presentation) Stretch your creative powers, Kaarin S. Johnston


(Presentation) Climate change in Alaskan Native communities: lessons learned in adaptation and resilience, Sarah M. McLarnan


(Presentation) Sustainable global medical mission work: the CSB/SJU Global Medical Brigade, Tyler J. Bruinsma

(Presentation) Invisible marks: representations of baptism and death in 17th-century Parisian hagiographic dramaturgy, 1630-1650, Ana Conboy

(Presentation) Antibiotic resistant bacteria in Minnesota lakes, Katee Meckeler

(Presentation) Coding, cognition, and cultivating learning: building rich internet applications for effective teaching, Benjamin Faber


(Presentation) Developing policies for gender non-conforming students, Mary Geller and Doug Mullin OSB

(Presentation) We are many: engaging diversity in the classroom, Jason M. Schlude and Rachel Marston


(Presentation) Collegebound: history, outcomes and the future of outdoor orientation at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, Tyler Thompson

(Presentation) The politics of framing age in King Lear, Matthew Harkins

(Presentation) From stress to calm: the overstimulated college student, Julie Lynch and Patricia Klug

(Presentation) Know your heritage, Obbasa Ain Gallit: We Continue, Diana K. Elhard, Anna M. Cron, and Megan M. Towle

(Presentation) Quantifying sustainability: Ranking CSB among our peers, aspirants, and MIAC schools, Alexandra Miller

(Presentation) Data visualization in introductory courses, Bennett Frensko, Louis D. Johnston, and Adam Konczewski

(Presentation) Global leadership, cultural competence and the gospel music legacy of Sr. Thea Bowman, Deborah Pembleton

(Presentation) Not knowing where to begin? An approach for incorporating the Catholic/Benedictine mission into social science courses, Rodger Narloch

Submissions from 2015

(Presentation) Learning to be present to another: insights for Christians from Buddhism, Becky Van Ness

(Presentation) Old bottles but new wines: a theoretical comparison of working ethics in small Chinese firms and small Indian companies, Qiang Yan and Kingshuk Mukherjee

(Presentation) Exploring the literature of energy, Kyhl Lyndgaard

(Presentation) AIDS is a kinship disease: caring for AIDS orphans in Lesotho, Africa, Ellen Block