This Honors Theses collection contains abstracts for all CSB/SJU honors theses, 1992-2015. The full text is included if student authors have given permission for their work to be made publicly available online. Theses completed from 2016-2019 are included in the All College Thesis Program collection. For theses completed after 2019, visit the CSBSJU Distinguished Thesis collection.


Submissions from 2007

(Thesis) Carrots Love Tomatoes: A Mathematical Gardening Adventure, Natalie Bly

(Thesis) [title unknown], Jennifer Busse

(Thesis) An Analysis of the situation of the Deaf in Latin America: Guidelines for foreign Collaboration, Mandy Buzzelli

(Thesis) The Impact of Light Intensity on Plant Support Mechanisms, John Crompton

(Thesis) RAP(E) CULTURE: An Analysis of Eminem's Role in the Cycle of Rape Culture in the United States, Danielle Delwiche

(Thesis) The Association between Alcohol Consumption and C-Reactive Protein Levels in College-Aged Individuals, Elizabeth Donovan

(Thesis) Implications of Trinitarian Theology for Inter-Denominational Eucharistic Celebration: The Contribution of John Zizioulas, Benjamin Durheim

(Thesis) Do Female Prairie Voles Prefer Intra- Versus Inter-population Males, Colt Edin

(Thesis) Defining Third Wave Feminism at a Women's College: How Students At the College of St. Benedict Perceive Feminism, Rachel Enge

(Thesis) Trade Liberalization and Development: Welfare Implications of Outward-Orientation in the West African Economic and Monetary Union, Cody Fischer

(Thesis) Istiklâl Sayfa: The Freedom Pages, Alison Frank

(Thesis) Modeling the Breakdown of Pharmaceuticals in East Gemini Lake, Michael Karp

(Thesis) The determinants of Female Participation in Interscholastic Athletics among Minnesota High Schools, Karen Luz

(Thesis) Beyond the Unmoved Mover: Rahnernian concepsts of Grace in the Fantasy Works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, Kelly Prosen

(Thesis) Invisible Privilege, Invisible Men: Exposing and exhorting the need for Transformational Research and Active Participation among Males as an Essential Component to Sustainable Gender Violence Prevention and Eradication in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, Carliene Quist

(Thesis) Ethical Convergence: The Driving Forces of Globalization and a Means of Bridging Cultural Divide for Multinational Corporations in Joint Ventures, Roxanne Rabe

(Thesis) King Lear and The Idiot, Richard Raile

(Thesis) Styles of Parental Interaction and College Student Social Adjustment, Kristina Sales

(Thesis) Evolution and phylogeny of the Late Cretaceous Heterohelix rajagopalani - Gublerina cuvillieri lineage (planktonic foraminifera), Erin Saupe

(Thesis) Doing God's Work in the Devil's Playground: The Christian Right and the Republican Party, Gabriel Schlabach

(Thesis) Creating an Independent Film From Concept to Screen, Matthew Smith

(Thesis) Microarthropod Diversity, with an Emphasis on Collembola, of the St Johns Prairie in Burned and Unburned Areas, Nicole Solberg

(Thesis) The Relationship of Faith, Family, and Fears, and Sexual Abstinence in Emerging Adults, Amy Vannurden

(Thesis) Ageing effects on heart rate and heart arrhythmia of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, Lindy Watanaskul

(Thesis) Marital Love: A Decision of the Will, Nicole Zappa

Submissions from 2006

(Thesis) Implicit Egotism: How Johnny from Saint John’s Makes Decisions and Enhances the Self, Sarah Ahlfs

(Thesis) Post-9/11 Mexican Immigration in the United States, Matt Arnold

(Thesis) [title unknown], Sam Boggs

(Thesis) Eminent Domain: Property Rights vs. Redevelopment, Jonathan D. Casper

(Thesis) [title unknown], Jeff Clobes

(Thesis) Sex Differences in Long-term Effects of Endogenic Cannabinoid Agonists and Early Stressors on Memory, Evan T. Creed

(Thesis) The Effect of Closeness and the Self-Concept on Decision Making, Nicole Fritz

(Thesis) Corruption and Growth in the Philippines, Stephanie Hartje

(Thesis) [title unknown], Edward Heisler

(Thesis) [title unknown], Steven Henle Jr.

(Thesis) Adult Perceptions of Adolescent Culpability: The effects of age and intent, Connie Hoskins

(Thesis) Investigating the Gender Variable: A Sculpture Examination of Material Gendering in the Production and Perception of Art, Joseph Iverson

(Thesis) [title unknown], Sarah Knepper

(Thesis) [title unknown], Kevin Koenig

(Thesis) Genetics of Larval Heart Rate in Drosophila melanogaster, Jennifer Kruse

(Thesis) [title unknown], Shayne Kusler

(Thesis) [title unknown], Indra Lukas

(Thesis) Abstraction and its Effects on Runtime Performance: An analysis of the Thyra package, Stephanie Mansano

(Thesis) Simultaneous Determination of the Acid-Dissociation Constant and Partition Coefficient of Benzoic Acid in Heptane and Water-A Gas Chromatographic Analysis, Susan Moen

(Thesis) The Semiotics of the Tomb of Pope Julius II, Erika Nelson

(Thesis) Do Government Spending Shocks Increase Interest Rates?, Scott Nestberg

(Thesis) [title unknown], Amy Orecchia

(Thesis) Returning Home: The Experience of Reentry after Studying Abroad, Gwen Parks

(Thesis) Fiber-Optic Gyroscope, Steve Peichel

(Thesis) The effect of dietary diacylglycerols on postprandial lipemia compared to triacylglycerols in college aged males and females, Elizabeth Reisdorf

(Thesis) Everyone Who Used to Live Here Still Lives Here, Ryan Smith

(Thesis) Siafu!: The Musical, Eric Stinson

(Thesis) [title unknown], Marian Studer

(Thesis) Miguel de Unamuno y Georges de Bernanos: El camino de la cruz en la literatura, Martina Talic

(Thesis) [title unknown], Marcy Twete

(Thesis) The Actors and The Production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dragana Vidovic

(Thesis) Modernizing the Conception of the Multinational Corporation in Developing Country Regulatory Policy: An analysis of firm structure, FDI network development, and their relationship to regulatory policy, Jason Vievering

(Thesis) Searching for Harmony, Jacob Vos

(Thesis) Like mother, like daughter? An analysis of proteins expressed by wild type and mutant phenotypes of Candida albicans using SDS-PAGE, Laura Wilant

(Thesis) A Machine Model for Color Constancy, John Wilder

Submissions from 2005

(Thesis) The Long War or the Third Way? A comparative study of the Provisional Irish Republican Army and Euskadi ta Askatasuna, Donald Beaudette

(Thesis) Empirical Test for Ricardian Equivalence, John Boruff

(Thesis) L'affaire du foulard: The Muslims’ Search for Identity in the French Republic, Tara Boyer

(Thesis) An Evaluation of Java as a High Performance Computing Language through Jpetra: A Java Library for Distributed Memory Parallel Linear Algebra Computations, Jason Cross

(Thesis) One Bread, One Body? Catholics, Lutherans and the Eucharist, Elizabeth Dahlman

(Thesis) Factors Affecting Deposition, Implantation, and Retention of Radon Progeny in Glass, Jonathan Dumm


(Thesis) Antidepressant Efficacy and Behavioral Comparisons of Two Animal Models of Depression, Stephanie Ebner

(Thesis) Leading Ladies: Concepts of Femininity in 1937-1941 Hollywood Women’s Films, Kathryn Enger

(Thesis) Chopin's Ballade Opus 52: Analysis, History and Performance, Charles Fautch

(Thesis) Exploring Distributed Peer-to-Peer Co-evolutionary Genetic Programming of Finite State Automata, Joseph Federer

(Thesis) Before and after a General Theology Course: An Examination of College Students’ Religious Identity, Michaela Fettig

(Thesis) Long-Term Metabolic and Health Effects of a Low-Carbohydrate, High-Fat, High-Protein Diet in Mus musculus: a Nineteen Week Longitudinal Study, Donald Harris

(Thesis) On Stilts or Off: Motherhood as a Model and Motivation for Activism, Johanna Hatch

(Thesis) Roots and Wings: A Collection of Personal Essays, Elizabeth Hedin

(Thesis) An Analysis of Trade Effects on World Poverty, Matthew Hendricks

(Thesis) Preserving Global Stability: An Analysis of Hard and Soft Power Strategies, Nicola Jackson

(Thesis) Regrettable Incidents: The Historical Foundations of Japanese Stereotypes in World War II, Thomas Kain

(Thesis) A Study of Pollen Dispersal Models, Nicholas McClure

(Thesis) The Failed Palestinian Mini-State: Governance, Occupation, and the Future, Jeffrey Morency

(Thesis) Construction of the Community and Personal Satisfaction Scale: A Sense of Vocation and Identity in College Students, Joanna Morrissey

(Thesis) Semi-Direct Product of Edge Colored Graphs, Charles O'Connor

(Thesis) Equilibrium and Transient Modeling of the Fate and Transport of Radon Progeny, Eric Patton

(Thesis) To The Plath Then (A Collection of Creative Works), Casey Peterson


(Thesis) Red Lake, White Earth and ‘Blackgowns’: The Indian Industrial Schools of St. John’s Abbey and St. Benedict’s Monastery, 1884-1896, Thomas Reichert

(Thesis) More Than Two Genders: Negotiating Gender in the Ultimate Gender Binary, Angela Rudolph

(Thesis) Duets for Three Friends, Joseph Sacksteder

(Thesis) Words Will Never Hurt Me: The Harm Principle and Free Speech, Joseph Sery

(Thesis) Communication in Close Male-Male Friendships in a College Setting, Claire Spanier

(Thesis) Re-framing the Gender Divide, Large Scale Abstraction Meets Needlework, Marian Studer

(Thesis) Reproductive Isolation in Drosophila, Kathryn Thompson

(Thesis) RNA Secondary Structure: New Combinatorial Representations and Statistics, Robert Willenbring

(Thesis) Smoke Colored River: Depicting the 1862 Dakota War through Historical Fiction, Rachel Williams

(Thesis) Narnia™: The Branding of C.S. Lewis’ Literary Classics, Kathryn Winzenburg

Submissions from 2004

(Thesis) Kruskal's Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm: Does Partial Sorting of the List of Edges Improve Performance?, Ellen Albares

(Thesis) A Challenge to Women: Simone de Beauvoir's Philosophy of Transcendence, Theresa Arnold

(Thesis) Using Distributed Computing to Improve the Efficiency of a Genetic Algorithm, Joseph Athman

(Thesis) "Beauty - Be Not Caused": An Exploration into the Effect of Beauty on the Life and Selected Works of Edith Wharton, Anna Bartley

(Thesis) Passive Radon Progeny Dosimeters based on Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors (SSNTD), Julie Berglund

(Thesis) A Re-Examination of the Slave Diet, Elizabeth Blonigen

(Thesis) International Tourism, Demand, and GDP Implications: A Background and Empirical Analysis, Michael Brakke