This Honors Theses collection contains abstracts for all CSB/SJU honors theses, 1992-2015. The full text is included if student authors have given permission for their work to be made publicly available online. Theses completed from 2016-2019 are included in the All College Thesis Program collection. For theses completed after 2019, visit the CSBSJU Distinguished Thesis collection.


Submissions from 2010

(Thesis) Literature Review of Narcissism and Implications for Leadership with Personality Profiles of Bernard Madoff and Rod Blagojevich, Jaclynn Beier

(Thesis) Short Term Local Benefits from Public Infrastructure Investment, Jared Breen

(Thesis) The Evolution of a Pathogen, Shawn Buermann

(Thesis) The Energy of Graphs, Laura Buggy

(Thesis) The Relationship between Family Environment and First Year Transition, Christy Chan

(Thesis) Ceramic Investigation: Pottery, Sculpture and Installation Parallelism, Joel Cherrico

(Thesis) Where are the Women? The Effects of Gender Stereotyping on Vote Choice for U.S. Congressional Candidates, Jacqueline Duschere

(Thesis) Through their Eyes: Experiences of Mexican Immigrants in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Kathryn Ebben

(Thesis) "Against the Blood of Thy Neighbors": Obstacles to Genocide Intervention & Hope for the Future, Michelle Eberhard

(Thesis) The Wife of Sunny Camper Estates: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel, Kyle Ellingson

(Thesis) From Pre-Production to Post-Production: Directing Don't Abandon Me, Meghan Gunderson

(Thesis) Phenomenology as the Basis of Musical Analysis, Benjamin Hansberry

(Thesis) The Synthesis of Multicopper Oxidase Models, Katherine Hartjes

(Thesis) Etiology, Pathogenesis, and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Low-income African Americans and East African Immigrants, Kathryn Holt

(Thesis) VOCS: A Versatile Online Clustering System for Source Code Plagiarism Detection, Jeremy Iverson

(Thesis) The Relationship of Service-Learning to Leadership and Moral Attitudes in an Undergraduate Sample, Chelsea Jensen

(Thesis) How to Effectively & Accurately Measure Judicial Activism: An Examination of Current Empirical Approaches, Michael Johnson

(Thesis) Proximity: A Memoir of A School Shooting With Footnotes From Adolescent Holocaust Diaries, Megan Koltes

(Thesis) The Relationship Between Self-Theories, Emotion, and Coping, Annemieke Lagerwaard

(Thesis) Improving Start Codon Prediction Accuracy in Prokaryotic Organisms Using Naïve Bayesian Classification, Sean Landman

(Thesis) Shaping U.S. Foreign Aid: Incrementalism, Policy Networks and International Food Aid Policy, Kellianne Lauer

(Thesis) An Analog for a Basis in Finite Groups, Jason Lutz

(Thesis) The Effects of 2; 4-D, Triclopyr, Dicamba, and Pyraflufen Herbicide on Xenopus laevis Survival, Growth, Behavior, and Pathology, Nicholas Matthees

(Thesis) Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Analysis of Two Competing Theories, Jenna Miller

(Thesis) Making Ruins, Megan Mills-Rittman

(Thesis) Automated Memory Management for the Qaqao Programming Language, Eduardo Moreno

(Thesis) Qaqao: Implicitly Introducing Flexibility into Parallelism, Peter Ohmann

(Thesis) Fatty Acid Composition of Egg Yolks, Sarah Parker

(Thesis) How to See in the Dark: An Alternate Approach to Feminist Literary Theory in the Form of a Novella, Emily Persichetti

(Thesis) Teaching Chinese Culture through Children's Theater, Jennifer Richter

(Thesis) Deciphering the Population Genetic Structure of Eastern Leatherwood (Dirca palustris) Using ISSR- Analysis, Charlotte Rogers

(Thesis) The Struggle within the Sword: Maxine Hong Kingston's Fight for an Identity through the Legend of Mu Lan in her memoir, The Woman Warrior, Katherine Schneider

(Thesis) Subtraction Games and Computer Applications, Karla Schommer

(Thesis) Refuting gender stereotypes in savior narratives: the Gospels, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Harry Potter series, Megan Sinner

(Thesis) Language, Visual Information, and Attention in Decision Making, Katherine Stacken

(Thesis) Modeling the Ecological and Economic Loss Imposed by the Three Gorges Dam, Xuyang Tang

(Thesis) Speak Up: Contemporary Young Adult Fiction and Its Place in the Literary Canon, Angela Tate

(Thesis) Ignorance is Bliss... Or is It? An Empirical Look at the Relationship Between Higher Education and Happiness, Jaselyn Taubel

(Thesis) A cross-provincial study: The impact of education on income in Vietnam, Nga Tran

(Thesis) Clay as Canvas: An Alternative Approach to the Ceramic Surface, Paula Traut

(Thesis) High Technology Clusters inan Age of Globalization, Sarah Vanneste

(Thesis) Empathy: A Possible Moderator for Joiner's Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicide, Joseph Wonderlich

(Thesis) Processes of attentional control, working memory and anxiety in executive function, David Wutchiett

Submissions from 2009

(Thesis) Thirty years of the Community Reinvestment Act: An Assessment of Intent, Enforcement, and Effectiveness, Peter D. Banick

(Thesis) Miraculous Belief: David Hume on the Possibility of Miracles, Regan J. Becker

(Thesis) The Soldier's Gaze of Wilfred Owen: How the Poems "Dulce et Decorum Est," "Apologia Pro Poemate Meo," and "Spring Offensive" Point to the Gaps in War, Nicholas Bingham

(Thesis) The effects of increased FKBP51 levels in the glucocorticoid treatment of Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Catherine Bouska

(Thesis) Past the Semantics of Strategy: Identity Formation through Liberation in Frantz Fanon and M. K. Gandhi, Brandon Drazich

(Thesis) Ego Threat and Implicit Egotism, Michaela Engdahl

(Thesis) Dissemination of Services for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Minnesota: A Rural versus Urban Comparison, Collette Fischer

(Thesis) Relational Self-Concept as a Moderator between Perceived Social Support and Outcome Variables, Samantha J. Heintzelman

(Thesis) Rising from Ashes and Dust: the Poetry of German-Jewish and Japanese-American Women in World War II Concentration and Internment Camps, Melissa Hendrickx

(Thesis) Jugs at the Edge of the World: The Production, Trade, and Significance of Pottery in Medieval Ireland, 1169- The Mid 14th Century, J. Anthony Jastrzembski

(Thesis) The Changing Nature of Mortgage and Capital Market Integration: Testing for Asset Substitution from 1972-2008, Tylor Klein

(Thesis) Throwing your words around: Stump speeches, health care, and issue salience in the 2007-2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign, Alex Kurt

(Thesis) From the Court to the Congress: Analyzing the Pay Equity Policy Implications from Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Co. (2007), Ashleigh Leitch

(Thesis) Resistance and Reemergence: Immigration and Drug Resistant-Tuberculosis in the United States, Caitlyn E. Lothian

(Thesis) Beyond Blue Skies: The Political Implications of China's Environmental Movement, Molly Maxbauer

(Thesis) Another Way Home, Nikolas Chang Hoon Nadeau

(Thesis) A Study of Marketing Strategies and the Undergraduate Student Consumer Demographic, David Norine

(Thesis) Castle Danger, an original screenplay, Chelsea Pettit

(Thesis) Business as Usual: Sex, Race, and Work in Spike Lee's Bamboozled, Victoria Piehowski

(Thesis) An Introduction to Stem Cells with a Focus on Those Found in Umbilical Cord Blood, Maria Sausen

(Thesis) "A Desire Named Streetcar": The Hiawatha Light Rail Line as a Case Study in Better Decision Making, Jeff Schnobrich

(Thesis) Emotion, Gender, and College Professors: Do Angry Professors Make the Grade?, Sarah Schwarzkopf

(Thesis) Feriae Sub Monte Ignis, Sarah Stergios

(Thesis) Revisiting a Lockean Understanding go Federative Power: A Case Study of the George W. Bush Presidency, Jessica Vining

Submissions from 2008

(Thesis) Power and Violence in La Mala Hora, Jennifer K. Arnold

(Thesis) A Parasite-Host-Human Mathematical Model and Simulation: Predicting Chagas Prevalence, Benjamin Bennett

(Thesis) Detecting Source Code Plagiarism, Joseph Degiovanni

(Thesis) CCD Photometry of Cepheid Variable, Benjamin T. Demarais

(Thesis) The Effects Types of Praise Has on College Students' Self-Theories, Danielle R. DiFabio

(Thesis) Language Talks: Is Simplified Chinese that Simple?, An Doan

(Thesis) Cross-Cultural Comparison of Implicit and Explicit Stigma of Mental Illness in American and Chinese Samples, Judith Falvey

(Thesis) High Performance Computing in Integrated Environments, Kelly Fermoyle

(Thesis) Pain Tolerance and Impulsivity, Sam Harriman

(Thesis) Hakka Influence on the Taiping Rebellion, Jonathan Keillor

(Thesis) Figure Ground: Methods and Processes in Figurative Sculpture, Steven R. Lemke

(Thesis) Winning Darts: Where to Aim to Minimize Risk and Maximize Expected Value in the Classic Darts Game 501, Theodore C. Leonard

(Thesis) The Relationship Between Epinephrine Levels and Rebound Hypoglycemia, Jessica Mader

(Thesis) Witness for Change: Observations from Fast Forward Youth's First Year at the Southside Boys and Girls Club Using a Participatory Research Approach, Maya Main

(Thesis) Creating a Polyalbum: The Mystery of Grey Matters, Charles J. McCarron

(Thesis) Investigating Bootstrap Confidence Intervals on Dr. D's 123, Allen K. Ng

(Thesis) The Effect of Colored Overlays on an Individual's Rate of Reading when the Font is 'Quiet' versus 'Busy', Erin Olufs

(Thesis) Creating a Computer Model of East Gemini Lake, Vanju Paunic

(Thesis) The Ethical Ramifications of Direct-to-consumer Pharmaceutical Drug Marketing: An Exploratory Study, Katie Ranallo

(Thesis) An Empirical Investigation of the Sources and Patterns of Regional Inequality in Brazil from 1950 to 2004, Joao Rodrigues

(Thesis) The Decline of Flour Milling in Minnesota, 1900 to 1930, Tena Rytel

(Thesis) The Self and the Success of Friends, Zachary Schmitt

(Thesis) Perceived Parental Approval and Self-Esteem in College Students, Sarah Skytte

(Thesis) Is the World Really Flat? Internationalization, Advanced Technology, and the Question of Convergence (vs. Divergence) in the Age of Globalization, Elizabeth Sturlaugson

(Thesis) Larger Than One Culture: The Myth and the Reality of Cultural Competence at CSB/SJU, Elizabeth A. Super

(Thesis) The Trombone as a Solo Instrument, Nicholas Syman

(Thesis) Alcohol Outcome Expectancies, Attractiveness and Infidelity, Anthony Tufte

(Thesis) Reentry Issues upon Returning from Study Abroad Programs, Laura Turkowski

(Thesis) The Effective of Caffeine on Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2 max) and Lactate Threshold in Cross-Country Runners, Mitch VanBruggen

(Thesis) The Complexity of the Stars, Matthew K. Voigt

(Thesis) Rhythmnation: An Exploration of World Rhythm, Jonathan F. Werth

Submissions from 2007

(Thesis) Membership Conditionality in the European Union, Michael Beckstrand

(Thesis) Effects of the Study Abroad Experience on the Self-Concepts of College Students, Ethan Beilke-McCallum