This Honors Theses collection contains abstracts for all CSB/SJU honors theses, 1992-2015. The full text is included if student authors have given permission for their work to be made publicly available online. Theses completed from 2016-2019 are included in the All College Thesis Program collection. For theses completed after 2019, visit the CSBSJU Distinguished Thesis collection.


Submissions from 2004

(Thesis) Roses on the Kitchen Table: A Choreopoem, Maria Capecchi

(Thesis) Islam in the Media: The Myth of Conflict in Scholarship and Discourse, Kelly Crow

(Thesis) Contar la Historia, el Presente, y el Futuro en Multiples Voces: Le Heteroglosia en En el ultimo azul de Carme Riera, Laura Cudzilo

(Thesis) The Effect of Chronic Mild Stress on Ethanol Self-administration in Rats, Meghan Doyle

(Thesis) Fr. Zosima's Love: Can It Withstand Nietzsche's Critique of Moral Values?, James Durfey

(Thesis) Artificial Neural Networks Applied in a Strategic Bidding Environment, Timothy Durnan


(Thesis) Nairobi's Housing Crisis: An Analysis of the Kenya Slum Upgrading Programme, Peter Ehresmann

(Thesis) Medea: The Witch or the Woman, Amanda Fricke

(Thesis) Women in their Twenties: Life's Issues and Challenges, Sarah Gillis

(Thesis) The Virtual Classroom: A Fusion of Education and Computer Technology, Adrian Harper-Vassell

(Thesis) From Presidential Debates to Minnesota Classrooms: An Analysis of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Kathryn Hayes

(Thesis) Misremembering 9/11: The Cultural use of Nostalgia in national Memory, Matthew Horning

(Thesis) Changes in France’s income distribution resulting from the Socialist income redistribution economic programs enacted between 1981-82, Rachel Lundby

(Thesis) School-aged Bullying Experience and Relation to Interpersonal Relationships of College Students and the Moderating Role of Hardiness, Amanda Macht

(Thesis) Analysis of Obesity Prevention Programs for Children, Susan Matthees


(Thesis) Art for a People: An Iconographic and Cultural Study of Mural Painting in Minnesota’s New Deal Art Programs, Kathleen McCarney

(Thesis) Coalition and Conflict: The Formation of the Bush Doctrine, Teresa Minnich

(Thesis) The Effect of Head Start on PPVT-R Scores: An Investigation into Racial Differences, Laura Peterson

(Thesis) Towards optimal Usage of C++ Templates and Generic Programming Techniques, Paul Sexton

(Thesis) Impact of Education on Economic Growth of Senegal, Christelle Sitti

(Thesis) The Study of Femtosecond Light Pulses from a Ti:Sapphire Laser, Paul Stenberg

(Thesis) Restrictive Emotionality and Affectionate Behavior in Adolescent Males: A Small Groups Norms-challenging Experimental Intervention, Matthew Syzdek

(Thesis) Bounce Mapping: The Effects of the Range Coordinates Sharing a Greatest Common Divisor on Path Behavior in an Integer Lattice, Kevin Trettel

(Thesis) Uninsured: Determining Causes across the Nation, Kristin Westlund

(Thesis) Very Discrete Dynamical Systems, Rebecca Wolf

(Thesis) Tarantula Petting Zoo: A Collection of Short Stories, Steven Young

Submissions from 2003

(Thesis) Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy in Trinidad and Tobago, Janelle Aaron

(Thesis) An Analysis Of California's Failed Electricity Deregulation, Adam Anderson

(Thesis) The Textile and Apparel Industries in Mauritius: An economic examination of growth between 1971 and 1998, Anthony Anderson

(Thesis) The Effects of Apartheid on Occupational Distribution and Standards of Living in South Africa from 1948-1994, Theresa Bauer

(Thesis) An Excursion in High-Level Mathematical Modeling through Convection-Diffusion Model Problems, Michael Boldt

(Thesis) White Lies: An Exploration of an Invented Race, Tiffany Collie

(Thesis) Voyages to Re-creation, Lynn Cornell

(Thesis) Reasons for Self-Harm in Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder, Amanda Creed

(Thesis) Bioinformatics: The Effects of Sequence Length and Percent Identity on Alignments Done With CLUSTALW, Jennifer Dommer

(Thesis) Physiological and Biochemical Impacts of Creatine: A Study of Dietary Supplementation in Frogs, Gregory Dukinfield

(Thesis) Perceived versus Actual Personality Change during Study-abroad Participation, Emma Esser

(Thesis) Women Economists 1890-1970, Lindsey Etter

(Thesis) Approaches to American Indian Identity 1945-c. 1970: An Analysis of the Art of Patrick desJarlait and George Morrison, Jessica Haidet

(Thesis) The Effects of Development of the Maasai, Laura Hauff

(Thesis) Regulated Targeting of a Protein Kinase into a Flagellum: Understanding Molecular Addresses for Proteins, Matthew Hiemenz

(Thesis) Undergraduate Nursing Students' Knowledge and Perceptions of Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Tamara Keimig

(Thesis) Cuba's Management of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Implications for the United States, Erin Kuisle

(Thesis) Perennials: A Collection of Poems, Ryan Kutter

(Thesis) The market for operating systems: Is it a penguin’s paradise?, Radhika Lal

(Thesis) Fractal Analysis of Perceptual Categorization, Mary Lonergan

(Thesis) Applying Reinforcement Learning to a Continuous Environment, Christopher Marsh

(Thesis) Human Development in the United States: 1790-2000, John McCarthy

(Thesis) A Plan with Principles: Curbing the Gerrymander in Minnesota’s 2001 Redistricting Process, Michelle Melville-Johnson

(Thesis) Fighting ADD with Media Literacy: Putting attention disorders into perspective and exploring the mainstream mass media’s role in their development, Max Mogren

(Thesis) Genetic Engineering of Embryonic Stem Cells Using the Cre/lox System, Anna Norman

(Thesis) The Tension between Online Security and Efficiency in Relation to Online Business, Jared Pangier

(Thesis) Shadows: Tracing my father's changing silhouette through time, Carissa Renken

(Thesis) The Response to AIDS: Contrasting Governmental Approaches in Africa, Jonathan Rucks

(Thesis) Ramble, Amble and Babble: A Collection of Original Poetry, Amanda Schmitz

(Thesis) Behavioral Responses to Models in relation to the Visual Communication System in Adult Dragonflies (Odonata: Anisoptera), Laurinda Showen

(Thesis) Austrian Currency Reform 1945-1955, Kelly Shroyer

(Thesis) The Relationship between Perfectionism and Coping across Research-Selected and Participant-Selected Stressful Events, Sara Wonderlich

Submissions from 2002

(Thesis) Steroid Hormones in Sport Spectators: Does Sports Violence Relate to Community Violence?, Andrea K. Booth

(Thesis) Rosie the Riveter Meets Eve in Overalls: Images of Women and Femininity in American and British World War II Propaganda Posters and Magazine Advertisements, Rebecca Brouillard

(Thesis) Exploring Experience and God: The role of encountering injustice in shaping images of God, Katie Dugan

(Thesis) Computer Vision: Image, Analysis and Recognition, Ben R. Franck

(Thesis) Tyrosinase Concentration and Specific Activity in Five World Mushroom Species of Central Minnesota: A Biochemical Analysis, Jason Fraser

(Thesis) Jpetra Vis: A Graphical User Interface for Matrices and Vectors, Kara A. Hansen

(Thesis) Vivisection and The Theory of Chemical Combination, Chelsie Hanson

(Thesis) State Sovereignty Under Siege in an Era of Globalization? The IMF, The World Bank & The NAFTA, Shane S. Hoefer

(Thesis) The Personality of Richard M. Nixon: A Comparison of Psychohistorical Approaches and a Psychodiagnostic Analysis of his Undoing, Tomas L. Holtberg

(Thesis) The Lunes of Hippocrates, Emily M. Holt

(Thesis) Thank God I’m a Country Boy, Joshua Jipson

(Thesis) Family Matters: Cinderella Tales as a Survival Tool for Latin American Indigenous Cultures, Sara J. Johnson

(Thesis) Achieving Altitude Acclimation Through Intermittent Exposure to Hypoxia, Joseph C. Keenan

(Thesis) My Mother's Hands; Memory, Loss, and Grief- A Solo Performance, Dana L. Kelly

(Thesis) Youth Mass: An Assessment of Appropriateness, Christopher G. Kostelc

(Thesis) Women in the Minnesota Legislature 2000-2001, Melanie LaComb

(Thesis) Creative Interpretation of South Africa Today, Jennifer Lindquist

(Thesis) The Case of the Shifting Ideals: Gender in the Nancy Drew Mysteries, Anne M. McCarney

(Thesis) A Comparison of Two Equivalent Real Formulations for Complex-Valued Linear Systems, Abnita Munankarmy

(Thesis) Teaching Three Dimensional Art: A Program of Instruction, William Piatt

(Thesis) The Effects of the Introduction to Psychology Lab Program on Undergraduate Education, Andrea M. Priley

(Thesis) The Performance of Conglomerate Corporations: Unsystematic Risk and Jensen's Alpha, Dustin Rector

(Thesis) Children's Preferences Toward Doctors: A Pilot Study Focusing on Ethnicity and Gender, Elena Rosas

(Thesis) Scenery for Broken Hearts, Matthew Sand

(Thesis) ADHD and Ritalin: Evaluation and Experimentation of the Disorder and the Drug, Jennifer Lee Saylor

(Thesis) Protecting Brand Image: A Web Based Surveillance System, Rebecca Schafer

(Thesis) Contemporary German Women Artists Redefine the Art World: The Influence of Modern Avant-Garde Women Artists on the Success of Rebecca Horn, Rosemarie Trockel and Angela Hampel, Andrea Terhaar

(Thesis) Protest, Radicalism and Militancy in Spain’s Basque Country: The Basque Nationalist Movement and the persistent Struggle of ETA, Michael T. Weaver

(Thesis) Hemingway’s Portrait of Heroism: A Study of Gender Differences, Scott Williams

(Thesis) A “Nobler” Approach to Regulatory Reform: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Its Relationship to the Disadvantaged Corporate Citizen, Luke A. Yurczyk

Submissions from 2001

(Thesis) All's Fair in Love and WAR: Combinatorics in a card game, Eric B. Brever

(Thesis) The Simultaneity of the Past and Present in Marcel Proust's Combray, Caroline P. Capecchi

(Thesis) Interactive Voice Events Calendar: A Feasibility Project Using VXML, Nicholas T. Charboneau

(Thesis) Reflections on Betrayal by Harold Pinter: A Creative Theatrical Project, Kate Francis, Jerry Tischleder, and Sean Whitehead

(Thesis) Ambiguous: A Novel Exploring Gender and Identity, Jeffery M. Freihammer

(Thesis) A Modern Heroic Journey: An Exploration of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, Jenny Gardner

(Thesis) Nonuniversal Effects in the Homogenous Bose Gas, Shawn Hermans

(Thesis) Education Success: Achievement as a Function of Expectation, Marcy Hochhalter

(Thesis) The Effect Enrollment in a MN Charter School Has on the Academic Achievement of Its Students, Sarah E. Holker

(Thesis) Parallel Sparse Matrix Computations on Beowulf Clusters, Kris Kampshoff

(Thesis) [title unknown], Christi Kubista

(Thesis) Exploring Don DeLillo's Underworld: Counterhistory, Language, and Hope, Thomas Lewandowski