Submissions from 2018


(Article) Ecclessiology Today And Its Potential To Serve A Missionary Church, Kristin Colberg

Submissions from 2017


(Blog Post) Reviving Vocation to Public Service, Kathleen A. Cahalan

(Book Review) Review of The Rite of Christian Initiation: Adult Rituals and Roman Catholic Ecclesiology , Kristin Colberg


(Blog Post) Political Turmoil and Personal Refuge: Trump Presidency at 100 Days and Beyond, Nicholas Hayes, Noreen L. Herzfeld, Louis D. Johnston, James Read, Kathleen A. Cahalan, and Derek R. Larson

(Book Chapter) Psalms and Prayer in Syriac Monasticism: Clues from Psalter Prefaces and their Greek Sources, Columba Stewart

Submissions from 2016


(Blog Post) Why Experience Matters, Kathleen A. Cahalan


(Blog Post) The Election: Our View from the Avon Hills, Louis D. Johnston, Nicholas Hayes, Noreen L. Herzfeld, James Read, Kathleen A. Cahalan, and Derek R. Larson

(Book Chapter) Fuel My Faith: Pedagogies of Theological Reflection in High School Theology Programs, Jeffrey J. Kaster

(Book Chapter) Evagrius beyond Byzantium: The Latin and Syriac Receptions, Columba Stewart

Submissions from 2015

(Article) Questions of Unity, Diversity and Authority in The Church: Towards a Common Vision. Advances and Tools for Ecumenical Dialogue, Kristin M. Colberg


(Article) The Threat of Syncretism to Ezekiel's Exilic Audience in the Dry Bones Passage, Dale Launderville OSB


(Article) And God Created Laughter: The Eighth Day, Michael Patella OSB


(Book Review) Another Cassian?, Columba Stewart


(Conference Proceeding) HMML and Syriac Manuscripts, Columba Stewart


(Conference Proceeding) Patristics beyond ‘East’ and ‘West’, Columba Stewart

Submissions from 2014


(Article) "That by His Passion He Might Purify the Water”: Ignatius of Antioch and the Beginning of Mark’s Gospel, Charles A. Bobertz


(Article) The Omnipresence of Grace: Revisiting the Relationship between Ad Gentes and Nostra Aetate 50 Years Later, Kristin M. Colberg


(Article) On Liturgy and Lectionary: The Word of Life in the Body of Christ, Martin Connell

(Article) Confronting Ubiquitous Corruption, Daniel K. Finn

(Article) Justice in Markets: What Is Required?, Daniel K. Finn


(Article) Philosophy, Not Theology, Is the Key for Economics: A Catholic Perspective, Daniel K. Finn


(Article) Lost and Found: Catechesis on the Care of Creation, Jeffrey J. Kaster and Craig Gould

(Book Chapter) Translating Biblical Texts Within an Ecclesial Context, Dale Launderville OSB

(Book Chapter) Looking into the Bible, Michael Patella OSB

(Article) Could the Church's Understanding of the Primacy of Gregorian Chant Ever Change?, Anthony Ruff OSB

(Book Chapter) Rethinking the History of Monasticism East and West: A Modest tour d'horizon, Columba Stewart

Submissions from 2013


(Conference Proceeding) 'Our Opinion Is in Accordance with the Eucharist': Irenaeus and the Sitz im Leben of Mark's Gospel, Charles A. Bobertz

(Book Chapter) Walter Kasper on Translating the Message of Christian Hope Today, Kristin M. Colberg

(Article) The Date of Easter and Shakespeare’s ‘Progress of the Stars’: Creed and Chronometry in the Sixteenth Century, Martin Connell


(Article) Toward a Theology of Infertility and the Role of Donum Vitae, Kathryn Lilla Cox

(Book Chapter) 'Misogyny' in Service of Theocentricity: Legitimate or Not?, Dale Launderville OSB

(Book Chapter) Why Pray the Psalms?, Dale Launderville OSB

(Book Chapter) Why Do We Have So Many Translations of the Bible?, Irene Nowell OSB

(Article) After Vatican II: Are We All Protestants Now? Or Are We All Catholics Now?, Anthony Ruff OSB

(Book Chapter) Benedictine Monasticism and Mysticism, Columba Stewart

(Conference Proceeding) False Alternatives? The Active/Contemplative Dichotomy, Columba Stewart

(Article) The Ascetic Taxonomy of Antioch and Edessa at the Emergence of Monasticism, Columba Stewart

Submissions from 2012


(Article) Continuity and/or Discontinuity at Vatican II? Examining the Council in the Context of the ‘Long Nineteenth Century’, Kristin M. Colberg

(Book Chapter) Catholic Social Thought as an Empirical Claim, Daniel K. Finn


(Article) Human Work in Catholic Social Thought, Daniel K. Finn


(Article) Locating Business Ethics within Catholic Social Thought, Daniel K. Finn


(Article) Private Property, Self-Regulation, and Just Price: A Response to Philip Booth and Samuel Gregg, Daniel K. Finn

(Book Chapter) Doing Theology Together to Advance Excellence in Lay Ecclesial Ministry, Jeffrey J. Kaster

(Article) Jeremiah and Ezekiel: Prophets Who Are Priests Without a Sanctuary, Dale Launderville OSB


(Article) Resurrection: Love Conquers Death, Dale Launderville OSB


(Article) What is the Future of the Liturgy?, Anthony Ruff OSB

Submissions from 2011


(Book Chapter) Integration in Theological Education, Kathleen A. Cahalan


(Article) Locating Practical Theology in Catholic Theological Discourse and Practice, Kathleen A. Cahalan


(Article) Reframing Knowing, Being, and Doing in the Seminary Classroom, Kathleen A. Cahalan


(Article) The Hermeneutics of Vatican II: Reception, Authority, and the Debate Over the Council's Interpretation, Kristin M. Colberg

(Article) Clothing the Body of Christ: An Inquiry about the Letters of Paul, Martin Connell


(Article) A Clouded View: How Language Shapes Moral Perception, Kathryn Lilla Cox

(Book Chapter) Green Solidarity: Liberation Theology, the Ecological Crisis, and the Poor, Kathryn Lilla Cox


(Article) Benedict XVI and Liberation Theology: Reason, Will, and History, Daniel K. Finn

(Article) Charity and Truth in Business: Profit, Gift and Social Capital, Daniel K. Finn


(Article) Nine Libertarian Heresies that Tempt Neo-Conservative Catholics to Stray from Catholic Social Teaching, Daniel K. Finn

(Book Chapter) Power, Leadership, and the Struggle against Government Corruption, Daniel K. Finn


(Article) Evaluating Adolescent Catechesis, Jeffrey J. Kaster

(Book Chapter) The Church in the (Post)modern World, Michael Patella OSB

(Article) Reading and Singing the Church's Chant: The Basics, Anthony Ruff OSB

(Article) The Value of Unaccompanied Vernacular Chant in the Liturgy, Anthony Ruff OSB


(Article) Evagrius Ponticus and the Eastern Monastic Tradition on the Intellect and the Passions, Columba Stewart

(Book Chapter) Monastic Space and Time, Columba Stewart


(Article) The Use of Biblical Texts in Prayer and the Formation of Early Monastic Culture, Columba Stewart

Submissions from 2010

(Book Chapter) Ritual Eucharist Within Narrative: A Comparison of Didache 9-10 with Mark 6:31-44; 8:1-9, Charles A. Bobertz


(Article) The Morality of Markets: A Response to Kenneth R. Melchin, Daniel K. Finn

(Book Chapter) Theology and Sustainable Economics, Daniel K. Finn


(Article) The Promise of Interdisciplinary Engagement: Christian Ethics and Economics as a Test Case, Daniel K. Finn


(Article) The Saint John's Bible Project: What's It Worth?, Michael Patella OSB, John Franklin, and Gilles Mongeau

(Article) Liturgy under Benedict XVI, Anthony Ruff OSB

(Conference Proceeding) Monastic Attitudes toward Philosophy and Philosophers, Columba Stewart

(Article) The Origins and Fate of Monasticism, Columba Stewart

Submissions from 2009

(Article) On ‘Chrism’ and ‘Anti-Christs’ in 1 John 2:18-27: A Hypothesis, Martin F. Connell

(Book Chapter) Moral Values and the Rules of International Trade, Daniel K. Finn

(Article) The Priority of Labor over Capital: Some Needed Extensions, Daniel K. Finn

Submissions from 2008

(Article) Making Christ of the Man Born Blind (John 9:1-41): A Hypothesis, Martin F. Connell

(Book Chapter) The State of Adolescent Catechesis Today, Jeffrey J. Kaster


(Article) The Music "Specially Suited to the Roman Liturgy": On the One Hand..., Anthony Ruff OSB

(Book Chapter) Prayer, Columba Stewart

(Book Chapter) Prayer among the Benedictines, Columba Stewart

(Book Chapter) Yours, Mine, or Theirs? Historical Observations on the Use, Collection, and Sharing of Manuscripts in Western Europe and the Christian Orient, Columba Stewart

Submissions from 2007

(Article) The Gift of Myrrh to a Church that Smells, Martin F. Connell


(Book Chapter) The Different Forms of Celebrating Mass, Martin F. Connell and Sharon McMillan


(Article) Continuing the Dialogue on Markets and Morality, Daniel K. Finn


(Conference Proceeding) Power and Public Presence in Catholic Social Thought, the Church, and the CTSA, Daniel K. Finn

Submissions from 2006

(Book Chapter) Theological Education and the Diaconate, Charles A. Bobertz


(Article) Strengthening Congregational Ministry: A Program to Enhance Theological Schools' Capacities to Prepare Congregational Leadership, 1999-2003, Kathleen A. Cahalan


(Article) Theological Education for Vital Parish Communities: Lessons from Nine Catholic Seminaries, Kathleen A. Cahalan


(Article) Toward a Fundamental Theology of Ministry, Kathleen A. Cahalan

(Book Chapter) Monastic Perspectives on Celibacy, Columba Stewart


(Conference Proceeding) The Encounter of the Early Church with the Greek and Roman World: A View from Monastic Theology, Columba Stewart

Submissions from 2005

(Book Chapter) Commentary on Centesimus Annus (On the Hundredth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum), Daniel K. Finn

(Book Chapter) Young Disciples: Adolescent Christian Discipleship and Faith Practices, Jeffrey J. Kaster

(Book Chapter) Christian Spirituality during the Roman Empire (100-600), Columba Stewart

(Book Chapter) Evagrius Ponticus and the "Eight Generic Logismoi", Columba Stewart

Submissions from 2004

(Book Chapter) Religious Organizations and Bodies: Christianity, Charles A. Bobertz


(Article) Married in Ministry: Theological and Spiritual Considerations, Kathleen A. Cahalan

(Article) On the U.S. Aversion to Ritual Behavior and the Vocation of the Liturgical Theologian, Martin F. Connell

(Book Chapter) The Liturgical Year in Ancient Aquileia, Martin F. Connell


(Article) Ezekiel's Throne-Chariot Vision: Spiritualizing the Model of Divine Royal Rule, Dale Launderville OSB