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Educators Must Be: Advocating for Muslim Students
Terri L. Rodriguez, Laura Mahalingappa, Megan Evangeliste, and Lauren Thoma


How a culture of philanthropy impacts all of us
Maggie Webber Utsch and Raj Chaphalkar


Interdisciplinary collaboration during student health fair volunteer experiences
Mary Stenson, Mark Glen, Nicole Lang, and Julie Strelow


Keynote Session
Paul Haidostian and Mary Hinton


Session 2
Noreen L. Herzfeld and Wilbert van Saane


Session 1
Michael Hemesath, Paul Haidostian, Jon Armajani, and Suha Naimy


The Representation of Women in Brazilian Politics
Pedro A. G. dos Santos and Kristin N. Wylie

*Updated as of 11/20/18.