Submissions from 1994


(Conference Proceeding) South Africa in Transition: The Influence of the Political Personalities of Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk, Aubrey Immelman


(Article) South Africa's Long March to Freedom: A Personal View, Aubrey Immelman

Submissions from 1993


(Conference Proceeding) A Millon-Based Study of Political Personality: Nelson Mandela and F. W. de Klerk -- Part I: Method and Preliminary Results, Aubrey Immelman


(Article) The Assessment of Political Personality: A Psychodiagnostically Relevant Conceptualization and Methodology, Aubrey Immelman


(Editorial) Waco Tragedy Product of Groupthink, Aubrey Immelman


(Article) Correlations between WISC-R subtests and scales of the Personality Inventory for Children, Richard M. Wielkiewicz and Christopher J. Daood

Submissions from 1992

(Article) Cooperative Learning : Challenging a False Dichotomy, Aubrey Immelman

Submissions from 1990


(Article) Interpreting low scores on the WISC-R Third Factor: It's more than distractability, Richard M. Wielkiewicz

Submissions from 1988

(Conference Proceeding) Beyond Psychobiography and Content Analysis: Toward an Alternative Methodology for Studying Political Leaders, Aubrey Immelman

(Conference Proceeding) The Effects of Three Pain Management Procedures on the Experience of Cold Pressor Pain as Mediated by Hypnotic Responsiveness, Aubrey Immelman

(Conference Proceeding) The Perception of South African Psychologists of P.W. Botha’s Personality Style, Aubrey Immelman

Submissions from 1984


(Article) Effects of situational demand in the role-play assessment of assertive behavior, Richard A. Kolotkin and Richard M. Wielkiewicz

(Article) Behavioral components of assertion: Comparison of univariate and multivariate assessment strategies, Richard A. Kolotkin, Richard M. Wielkiewicz, Ben Judd, and Stephen Weiser

Submissions from 1983


(Article) On unpredictability as a causal factor in “learned helplessness”, J. Bruce Overmier and Richard M. Wielkiewicz

Submissions from 1979


(Article) Effects of CSs for food and water upon rats barpressing for different magnitudes of food reinforcement, Richard M. Wielkiewicz

Submissions from 1976


(Article) Mediators of the effects of magnitude of reinforcement, John G. Carlson and Richard M. Wielkiewicz

Submissions from 1974


(Article) Discriminative properties of shock-correlated reinforcement in an operant context, John G. Carlson and Richard M. Wielkiewicz

Submissions from 1972


(Article) Delay of reinforcement in instrumental discrimination learning of rats, John G. Carlson and Richard M. Wielkiewicz

(Article) Transfer of fixed- and variable-interval schedule control, John G. Carlson, Richard M. Wielkiewicz, and Richard B. Modjeski