Volume 15, Issue 1 (2022)

A sincere and warm welcome to this student journal. If you have not engaged with Obsculta in the past, we are glad to know you are joining us. We pray that you find the works herein invigorating, thought provoking, and enriching. For those readers who have encountered previous editions of Obsculta, welcome back. With Christ’s help, may this text serve as an introduction to the voices in our community and the work to which we commit ourselves daily. The Obsculta journal cannot fully encompass our diverse community; nevertheless, it aims to lift up our voices in charity and fruitful dialogue.

This year—in conjunction with the Synod for a Synodal Church—our contributors bring forward many creative expressions of language and faith, especially as they relate to the global Church. Our text captures the signs of the times—in particular, reflections on what it means to exist in the modern, technological world, on the continued COVID-19 pandemic, and the various ways in which Scripture has influenced our community and traditions. We are grateful to our contributors for all that they have shared with our community. We have found it truly enriching to read their works. Our hope, dear reader, is that, having listened with the ear of our heart, we may all set out for loftier summits of teaching and virtue. May we reach them under God’s protection.

in omnibus glorificetur Deus.


the Obsculta editorial team



A Letter from the Diocese
David Fremo, Mayuli Bales, Toni Hudock, Brenda Kresky, Janine Mettling OSB, Kent Schmitz, Philip Shefveland, Barbara Sutton, and Ralph Zimmerman


Contributor Bios
Obsculta Editors


Christian Asceticism
David Allen OSB


The Faith of Jesus
Hang T.H. Nguyen OP

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Bernie Donlon
Denys Janiga
Leah Wakefield
Amy Wen
Henry Widdicombe

A special thank you to our faculty and staff advisors:
Faculty Advisor
Shawn Colberg
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Donelle Poling
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David Wuolu