About This Journal

History and Mission

In 1976, a student named Clare Rossini had the foresight to create a new magazine for publishing the artistic works of authors and artists living in the surrounding area. As Rossini wrote, “Art is the life current of the community. It is a source of pleasure and pride for us; it unites us with our human predecessors and successors. Art is no luxury; it is a vital human activity. By publishing Studio One, we wish to support the members of our Minnesota community dedicated to that activity and to make their art available to those for whom it was made.” While Studio One’s reach has extended greatly since our beginning in 1976, the current Editors-in-Chief have striven to publish a selection that still supports the mission written by Clare 46 years ago. Without Clare’s efforts, we would not be presenting the 2022 edition of Studio One.

Studio One would also like to thank our staff advisors, Matt Callahan and Rachel Marston, along with all the faculty of the CSB/SJU English Department, Catherine Rupp of the Literary Arts Institute, Patty Tholen and Palmer Printing, all our contributors, and all those who submitted their work.


Each year, Studio One receives 700-1,000 poetry, prose, and artwork submissions. Its annual publication typically includes 1-5 short stories, 10-30 poems, and 5-10 visual art representations. The print run of Studio One typically lies between 400-600 copies.

Journal Access

Issues from 2012-present are fully available online through DigitalCommons@CSB/SJU. These online issues can be browsed here.The CSB/SJU Archives provide tables of contents for the back issues of Studio One (1976- ); print copies of Studio One are also available in the CSB and SJU Archives and in the CSB/SJU Libraries.