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Art and Design


The photograph as a medium itself exists as a complex symbol. Our brains dissect various bits of meaning from images all around us whether we become conscious of it or not. Can highly manipulated compositions prove to be more authentic than an unmodified counterpart? Stifling magnificent fourth dimensional scenes before us by capturing them into a two dimensional composition is not to capture it at all.

While my work cannot hope to achieve what even moments as audience to these various wonders in our world could far more effectively realize, I only wish to communicate these ideas through my photography in order to advocate thought and dialogue.

My photographs, embodying the story of place, combine with a multi-faceted use of a medium and twist it in a unique way to facilitate this communication. It is my aspiration that the ironic dichotomy between striving for authenticity within highly artificial compositions is not only perhaps a somewhat humorous juxtaposition, but also a thought provoking one at that.


Approved by: David Paul Lange OSB, Scott Murphy, Rachel Melis, Elaine Rutherford, Anthony Cunningham