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Michael Livingston, Psychology


The purpose of this study is to discover the influence simply receiving notifications on one’s phone with the sound alerts on, and not checking them, has on studying. A cellphone can act as significant distraction when a student is attempting to study. A study has shown that taking one’s phone away from them, however, causes anxiety and therefore can also impede a students’ learning (Rosen, 2017). This then made me curious how it can affect them if they make the choice not to use their phone but are still receiving notifications. Is the instant gratification our phones provide us too much to handle, even for studying? Another study found that 24% of people that partook in a self-report questionnaire, stated they feel as though they need to answer their phone, even if it is interrupting a meal or a meeting (Galvan et al. 2013). I wanted to take a closer look at how phone notifications effect a student when attempting to study for a quiz. The results of my study found that just hearing our phones go off while studying, does in fact still affect the success of studying. The best choice would be to alleviate the distraction of sounds from our phones while trying to study.