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David Mitchell, Biology


The objective of the study was to see how effective bacteria isolated from apple peels would be in breaking down fatty acids. Apple peel pieces were sampled twice onto Diluted Broth (DB) and Tributin agar plates in a series of dilutions. Bacteria selected from the DB diluted agar plates were replated onto Tributyrin agar plates in order to observe its cultivation from the composted apple peels and its ability to break down tributyrin. Antibiotic-resistant testing was also conducted in order to identify bacterial resistance and a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) so to identify the cultivated bacteria. This experiment was conducted twice over a span of 2 months resulting in inconclusive results. Due to additional nutrients in the Tributin agar plates, the bacteria did not exhibit any breakdown of the material but rather used it to grow. The tributin agar plates indicated differentiation in color, size, and shape for each selected bacteria.