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Michael Livingston, Psychology


College students are exposed to media many times throughout their day. Studies have shown that there are many negative correlations between students and their comparison of their bodies to others. In this study, it was tested to see if viewing mass media images for a while can affect the way people rate their body satisfaction and whether or not they would change their body. There were 20 people tested in this study. There were 10 people in the control group, and 10 people in the experimental group. The experimental group was required to watch a slideshow with 4 different pictures of health magazine covers then take a short body satisfaction survey, whereas the control group just completed the survey. It was found that there was no significance between the two groups and their group means were basically the same. Lack of significance could be caused by the small sample size or lack of time spent looking at the media images. This study can be built on in the future to add more people and expand to a more diverse sampling. In general, this study has not compared to other studies on the same topic but the method can be used to form a different study.

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