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Vicky Grove


Communication is an essential tool for maintaining quality care in any health care setting, including long-term care. Interdisciplinary communication is also essential in providing and coordinating care that addresses resident needs. Lack of communication can lead to safety concerns for residents and staff, decreased care proficiency, ineffective care plans, and decreased staff satisfaction. Upon review of the surveys among staff at the long-term care facility, it was identified that nursing and housekeeping staff highlighted the admission process to be an area that they would like to see improvement in. Room changes and discharges were areas that were reported to need better communication between care team members. An additional issue identified was not having enough space to provide pertinent details in the 24-hour report forms. After analyzing potential interventions through an extensive literature review, a decision to educate and re-implement the use of the communication tool, Inovalon Schedule, was made in hopes of improving communication skills. This quality improvement project focused on improving collaboration efforts. A presentation was completed with all staff about the importance of communication, as well as education on Inovalon Schedule, before implementing its use.

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