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Samuel Johnson


This installation was inspired to express femininity and sustainable fashion practices. The three dresses were handcrafted and constructed from a 1950’s Vogue pattern. On display, the mauve dress was made from recycled vintage fabric at SR. Harris, the last fashion house fabric goes before dumped in a landfill. Similarly, the white dress was constructed from a pillowcase, organic silk satin and chiffon. To further explore sustainable fashion practices, the third dress was made from cotton muslin and dyed using food and plants. The bodice was boiled in avocado skins and pits which turns fabric a delicate pink. It’s gathered skirt was eco-printed with recycled rose petals from Floral Arts, a flower shop in St. Joseph. The hanging fabric installation include swatches used along this process and panels recycled from past theater productions. Close friends were photographed in these gowns who express movement, delicacy, and positivity. The best of this work provokes a conversation between nature’s connection to humankind and fashion’s progression toward a more sustainable future.

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Scholarship and Creativity Day 2022