From Easter to Pentecost

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Passover and Easter constitute for Jews and Christians respectively the most important festivals of the year. Although sharing a common root, the feasts have developed in quite distinct ways in the two traditions, in part independently of one another and in part in reaction against the other. Following the pattern set in earlier volumes in this series, Volumes 5 and 6 bring together a group of distinguished Jewish and Christian scholars to explore the history of the two celebrations, paying particular attention to similarities and connections between them as well as to differences and contrasts. They not only present a convenient summary of current historical thought but also open up new perspectives on the evolution of these annual observances. Volume 6 focuses on the contexts in which they occur – the periods of preparation for the feasts in the respective calendars and their connection to Shavuot/Pentecost – as well as to their traditional expression in art and music.


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Series: Two Liturgical Traditions, Volume 6.

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