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In 1843 the Catholic bishop of Philadelphia, Francis Patrick Kenrick, wrote to the Public School Board of Controllers to ask that Catholic children be spared reading of the Protestant Bible [the King James Version, KJV] and that anti-Catholic vitriol be excised from textbooks of the public schools. Historians focus on the translation divide – the Protestant King James Version versus the Catholic Douai-Rheims – but the issue closer to the heart of the matter was ritual formation (and malformation) of Christian believers, well-heeled Protestants versus poor Catholics. What happened in summer 1844, I suggest, was more accurately Rite Riots rather than Bible Riots, as they are usually tagged; the toll was grave: at least fifteen dead, fifty injured.


DOI: 10.1080/0458063X.2014.922005

Special Issue: The Lectionary and Its Reading