Heschel's Attitude toward Religious Pluralism

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Book’s Table of Contents: Foreword / Johannes Cardinal Willebrands; Foreword / Jerzy Kosinski; Preface / Harold Kasimow; Preface / Byron L. Sherwin; No religion is an island / Abraham Joshua Heschel; My father / H. Susannah Heschel; My master / Byron L. Sherwin; My teacher / Jacob Y. Teshima; My friend / Daniel Berrigan; Heschel's prophetic vision of religious pluralism / Harold Kasimow; Heschel's attitude toward religious pluralism / John C. Merkle; Heschel's impact on Catholic-Jewish relations / Eugene J. Fisher; Heschel's significance for Protestants / John C. Bennett; Christian pietism and Abraham Heschel / Fredrick C. Holmgren; Muslim's "dialogue" with Abraham Joshua Heschel / Riffat Hassan; Hindu-Jewish dialogue and the thought of Abraham Heschel: at grassroots and mountaintop / Arvind Sharma; Asian perspective: the novelty of Heschel's views on interreligious dialogue / Antony Fernando; Heschel's passion for justice / Kenneth B. Smith.