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Graduate Paper

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Master of Arts in Systematic Theology


School of Theology and Seminary

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Helen Rolfson, OSF


In this paper I establish what Ewert Cousins has cailed "the coincidence of opposites" as a window into the structure of St. Bonaventure's thought, which ultimately converges on Christ. By tracing this pattern of the coincidence of opposites through distinct areas of Bonaventure's theology, including the Trinity, Exemplarity, and the Incarnation, the Christocentrism of Bonaventure's thought emerges. Along the way, I also consider several arguments against the logic of the coincidence of opposites in Bonaventure. Ultimately, the Christological focus of the logic accomplishes Bonaventure's central goal of locating an experience of Christ within the ground of all reality, uniting a personal spirituality with a universal metaphysics.


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