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Date of Award


Document Type

Graduate Paper

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Liturgical Studies


School of Theology and Seminary

First Advisor

R. Kevin Seasoltz, OSB

Subject Categories

Christianity | History of Christianity | Liturgy and Worship


After reviewing Martin Luther's (1483-1546) primary liturgical creations and writings, one can conclude that his primary theological agenda around the Eucharist was to assert in word and rite that the Church had no participatory part in our redemption accomplished through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a result, any use of the concept of our sacrifice was abolished for the sake of clarity on this primary point.

Luther's primary liturgical work is Formula Missae et Communionis pro Ecclesia Vuittembergensi (1523) which can be recognized today as a foundational document for the shape of the Lutheran mass. This document is the lens in which eucharist issues in the Protestant and Catholic reforms are examined in this paper.


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