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Document Type

Graduate Paper

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Master of Arts in Theology


School of Theology and Seminary

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Charles A. Bobertz

Subject Categories

Biblical Studies


In this paper, the cleansing of theTempleis described as a story of both judgment and challenge. Matthew illustrates Jesus to his post-Temple community as the Jewish continuation of Moses and the Law, the fiery prophet critiquing the economic system set up by the chief priests and scribes, and God himself who brings judgment to his people. The story challenged Matthew’s community and challenges the modern reader to end oppression, attend to the marginalized, and accept Jesus as the newTemple– the continuation of Judaism. This story can be seen in terms of liturgy and Baptism in the Church, and confronts our comfortable modern Christology and our commitment (or lack of commitment) to social justice. Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple is a dramatic, eschatological event, one that was exceptionally important to Matthew’s story and one that is especially important to our own understanding of Christ and his Church.



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