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Graduate Paper

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Master of Arts in Liturgical Studies


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Monsignor Timothy Verdon

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This paper examines the relationship between the Rule of Saint Augustine, the Constitutions of the Order of Premontre, and the stained glass windows of Saint Norbert Abbey. Further, it discusses how the windows signify and reflect the Norbertine Canons' mission to preach the Gospel in their apostolic ministry. After tracing a brief history of Saint Norbert of Xanten and the early history of the American mission, this paper continues with a discussion on Abbot Killeen's (the second abbot of St. Norbert Abbey) vision to build a new abbey in the context of papal conservatism and modem art. The main body of the paper introduces the reader to selected windows from the chapter room and the abbey church, in order to depict the relationship to the texts mentioned above and the life of the Canon Regular of Premontre. Each window is filled with symbols designed by Francis Deck of Emil Frei in Saint Louis, Missouri. Finally, the paper briefly looks at the role of a Canon Regular in the Church today.

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