School of Theology and Seminary Graduate Papers/Theses

Date of Award

Fall 12-2016

Document Type

Graduate Paper

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Theology


School of Theology and Seminary

First Advisor

Charles Bobertz

Subject Categories

History of Christianity | Religion


A survey of the division of the Christian Church in the East which also led ultimately to schism with the Church in the West. Supplying a context by introduction of the two biblical interpretive schools of Alexandria and Antioch, the essay frames the reconstruction of Christian identity in the territories of the East catalyzed by conflict between the leading ecclesial figures of St. Cyril and Nestorius, and traces efforts to negotiate unity. A closing reflection on possible lessons from the struggle considers how historical objective, interpretive consensus, right relationships, or recognition of present unity may assist the work to find a form of meta-identity that may honor Christian diversity yet also disambiguate to a place of meaningful solidarity today.



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