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Graduate Paper

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Master of Arts in Theology


School of Theology and Seminary

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Charles A. Bobertz


The accounts of the "Anointing at Bethany" and "The Washing Foot Washing" in the gospel according to John are linked not only by proximity, but also by theme and style. In this paper I analyze the individual contexts interpretations as well as the inter-relation of the accounts of the "Anointing at Bethany" and the "Foot washing." By looking at the similarities between these two accounts, in their themes, progression of action and comment, and vocabulary, as well as the differences between the Johannine account of the anointing and the Matthew and Marcan accounts, we can see how John paired these two passages for the sake of literary and theological emphasis. Analyses of some Greek terms are included as well. The passages foreshadow then manifest, in their respective order the glory of Christ, which is a constant theme throughout John's gospel.



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