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Graduate Paper

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Master of Arts in Religious Education


School of Theology and Seminary

First Advisor

Andrew P. Grannell


This paper is divided into three sections with each one having a different focus. The first section discusses James Loder's idea of conversion and transformation as put forth in his book, The Transforming Moment. From here the discussion moves to statements made by Rosemary Haughton in Walter Conn's Conversion. This will consist of comparing and contrasting James Loder and James Fowler. The final section is a discussion of the implications of these issues for nurturing people in their "faith journeys." For this undertaking Loder's The Transforming Moment and James Fowler's Stages of Faith will be the primary resources utilized. As the title of this paper suggests, the overarching focus of this work is whether it is Loder versus Fowler, or Loder and Fowler complementing each other in the discussion of personal journeys of "faith."



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