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Graduate Paper

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Master of Arts in Church History


School of Theology and Seminary

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Dan McKanan


This was a foundational study—of the man, his place and time in the history of the world (ca. 20 BCE-50 CE, Alexandria, Egypt), his role and theological position in Judaism. One of the intentions of the research project was to produce a somewhat general but inclusive picture of this very significant Jewish theologian, in order to better understand his life as a 'religious outsider' in a pluralistic pagan and global setting. Related more significantly to the foregoing statements were questions concerning his understanding of the Holy One of Israel and his approach to living the Judaic life in such a cultural atmosphere. Not only should this knowledge assist in understanding one Jewish perspective of God existing at the time of Jesus' life on earth, but such a taste of the man and his time's also seems essential to the project's primary purpose, that of ascertaining how, why, and in what manner, Philo's approach to reading and interpreting the Tanakh, the Hebrew Scriptures, would become so influential to certain early Church Fathers, in particular to Origen.



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