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Godfrey Diekmann Center Graduate Symposium 2024: The Role of Popular Liturgical Songs in Promoting Active Participation in Liturgy in Rwanda

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Fr. Jean D'Amour Dusengumuremyi was ordained to the priesthood in 2013 for the Diocese of Byumba in Rwanda. He researches Rwandan martyrs from all the corners of the country. He is the leading expert on the life of Felicite and initiated The FE!UcitE! Niyitegeka Foundation in Rwanda. He was instrumental in the preservation of the Center Saint Pierre, the very building where Felicite hid and cared for refugees, as a historical site in Rwanda. Fr. Jean d'Amour is dedicated to offering new ways of reflecting on the church's witness to the flourishing of human life, both in Rwanda and the world at large. Fr. Jean d'Arnour has a great interest in liturgical music with the aim to promote active participation of the assembly in liturgical celebrations and in other Christian gatherings. He has compiled and published three liturgical hymnals which are used liturgical celebrations in Rwanda.

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