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Christian Denominations and Sects | Christianity | History of Christianity


Sebastian grew up in Perth, Ontario and moved to Collegeville, Minnesota after high school where he played varsity soccer and earned a BA and MA in Theology and History from St. John's University. During the 2010-2011 academic year he taught at both the university and prep school, and also worked in the Residential Life program. Sebastian moved to Toronto in the fall of 2011, and has been working as an associate producer at Salt and Light since January, 2012. Sebastian's love for history is evident in his work where he often helps to shape a contemporary Catholic perspective by commenting on current world issues in light of the intellectual and spiritual traditions of the past. In particular, Sebastian enjoys studying the Second Vatican Council and how its teachings are being used at all levels of the Church to focus the New Evangelization. The writings of G. K. Chesterton, Christopher Dawson, Thomas Aquinas, and the Church Fathers are also a source of strength and inspiration to him. Sebastian attributes his formation to the Benedictine monks of Collegeville, Minnesota, where he spent all of his young adult years until finding a home at Salt and Light. He continues to play soccer and golf and is an avid sports fan. His favorite professional team is the Toronto Raptors.



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