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Previous research in social psychology shows that people’s willingness to comply with a request depends on variables such as how the request is phrased and a number of other situational factors. One of the situational factors is whether there is an existing relationship between the person making the request and the person who is being asked. In an existing relationship, rapport between the individuals has already been established, and it is more likely that one person will comply with a request made by the other person in the relationship. Through a study of compliance, we measured to see if there was a difference between presenting a questionnaire in written format or as an interview in order to establish rapport. We presented our participants with four levels of compliance. We analyzed the compliance data using an independent samples t test, which showed no significant difference in compliance between the two groups.


This research (conducted by Abby E. Hansen, Sarah K. Deutz, and Taylor L. Pederson) was presented at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University Scholarship and Creativity Day, April 24, 2013.

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