Understanding ecological systems

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Drawing upon the wisdom of experts in the field, this reader-friendly volume explores both foundational competencies and the technical how-to skills needed for engaging in community psychology practice. Each chapter explores a core competency and its application in preventing or amending community problems and issues. With case examples throughout, this text offers a practical introduction to community outreach and intervention in community psychology. [Book abstract]


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Table of Contents
Foreword - James G. Kelly Preface - Susan M. Wolfe and Victoria C. Scott
Chapter 1: The History of Community Psychology Practice in the United States - Tom Wolff, Carolyn Swift, and Sharon Johnson-Hakim
Chapter 2: Guiding Principles and Competencies for Community Psychology Practice - Maurice J. Elias, William D. Neigher, and Sharon Johnson-Hakim
Chapter 3: Understanding Ecological Systems - Stephen P. Stelzner and Richard M. Wielkiewicz
Chapter 4: Effecting Social Change in Diverse Contexts: The Role of Cross-Cultural Competency - Kien S. Lee
Chapter 5: Professional Judgment and Ethics - Michael Morris
Chapter 6: Participatory Approaches for Conducting Community Needs and Resources Assessments - Jomella Watson-Thompson, Vicki Collie-Akers, Nikki Keene Woods, Kaston D. Anderson-Carpenter, Marvia D. Jones, and Erica L. Taylor
Chapter 7: Organizational and Community Capacity Building - Scotney Evans, Catherine Raymond, and Douglas D. Perkins
Chapter 8: Community Organizing - Paul W. Speer and Brian D. Christens
Chapter 9: Building and Strengthening Collaborative Community Partnerships - Judah J. Viola, Bradley D. Olson, Suzette Fromm Reed, Tiffeny R. Jimenez and Christina M. Smith
Chapter 10: Advocacy and Social Justice - Leonard A. Jason, Christopher R. Beasley and Bronwyn A. Hunter
Chapter 11: Planning, Implementing, and Developing Evidence-Based Interventions in the Context of Federally Funded Programs - Richard A. Jenkins
Chapter 12: Empowerment Evaluation and Community Psychology: An Alignment of Values and Principles Designed to Improve the Human Condition - David M. Fetterman
Chapter 13: Dissemination and Sustainability: Changing the World and Making It Stick - Susan M. Wolfe, Louis G. Tornatzky, and Benjamin C. Graham
Chapter 14: Community Psychology Education and Practice Careers in the 21st Century - Susan D. McMahon, Tiffeny R. Jimenez, Meg A. Bond, Susan M. Wolfe, and Allen W. Ratcliffe
Chapter 15: A Vision for Community Psychology Practice - Bill Berkowitz and Victoria C. Scott