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Multicultural Psychology | Social Psychology


This letter to the editor of the St. John’s University student newspaper, The Record, points out that racism is multifaceted, constituting more than simply a personal belief. Racist attitudes comprise a cognitive component (stereotypes), an affective component (prejudice), and a behavioral component (discrimination).


A version of this article was originally published as a letter to the editor in The Record, December 9, 1993, p. 12. Available online at Vivarium:

The article in The Record (Nov. 4, 1993) referenced in the article is archived online at Vivarium:

A news report of the incident referenced in the article published in The Independent (Oct. 28, 1993) is archived online at Vivarium:

Recommended reading

Gordon W. Allport (1954). The Nature of Prejudice. Cambridge, MA‎: ‎Addison-Wesley.