Becoming Community Episode 1

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Welcome to Season 1 of our podcast series, “Becoming Community”. My name is Sarah Gewirtz, and I am the Information Literacy Librarian for Alcuin & Clemens Library, and in this series, we will talk about how the Mellon Grants are helping the CSB/SJU community to be more inclusive. Season 1 of our series will focus on the first twin Mellon grants, which were awarded to CSB and SJU and were administered between 2015-2017. During this season we will talk to faculty and staff who had been involved with the Mellon Grants to find out what they did, what their next steps might be, and what their work means for the CSB/SJU Community.

In episode one, I will discuss with College of St. Benedict’s President Dr. Mary Hinton how the CSB/SJU community received a Mellon Grant; the goals; faculty and student response; and, the impact it has had on our community.