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Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Information Literacy | Library and Information Science


Purpose: This paper demonstrates how the author’s library was able to enhance the collaborative learning and teaching environment, with secondary goals to improve teaching effectiveness and increase sharing among librarians of ideas and techniques used in First Year Student sessions.

Design/methodology/approach: This paper describes the various measures of assessment (peer-to-peer, student feedback and self-reflection) that the College of St. Benedict (CSB) and St. John’s University (SJU) Libraries implemented in 2011. The methods were used to improve teaching by listening to peers, getting feedback from students and by also doing self-reflection. Many librarians were able to make changes that were beneficial to their teaching sessions.

Findings: The outcome allowed librarians to incorporate new ideas into their own instruction sessions; re-evaluate teaching methods based on student feedback; and, to realize that self-assessment was beneficial. More importantly, it led to the development of Learning Goals for First Year Students.


This is the author's pre-refereed text of an article subsequently published as Sarah Gewirtz. (2014) "Evaluating an Instruction Program with Various Assessment Measures." Reference Services Review 42:1. doi: 10.1108/RSR-03-2013-0019