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Spring 4-29-2016


Arts and Humanities | English Language and Literature | Fiction | Nonfiction | Other Psychiatry and Psychology


Dr. Jessica Harkins, English


Failing is part of our human nature. I have never met a person who has never failed at something. Sometimes when I look back at my failures I feel like crying, and other times I laugh at the mistakes that I have made. But no matter the type of failure I have suffered, I have learned one thing. Failures, along with successes, have shaped me into the person I am today. When I fail, I often fall. But each fall is a chance for me to get back up. I don’t plan to stop failing any time soon.

Just like failures, each breath we take keeps us functional, both body and mind. As we continue to live we acquire more and more memories. Therefore, in a roundabout way, memories serve as a consequence to both our failures and our breaths. And as each breath is unique to us, so is each memory. With this in mind, the purpose of this project is to explore some of the events that have occurred in my life, and write them down according to how I experienced them. While others in my life may have experienced some of the same events in a different manner, the goal of this project is to use perspective and memory to illustrate my perception of the events. I intend to use this project as an exercise to immobilize parts of my past by stopping time for a moment so that my voice might give breath to the telling.