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Brian Campbell, Music


Missa Gloriæ Patris is a Latin mass setting in four movements for SATB choir and organ. The complete score is 55 pages long, and the full piece runs just over 25 minutes. Included here are first pages of each movement, as well as a companion paper, recordings of two of the pieces, and a worship aid from the premiere of the piece.

MissaGloriæPatris_AlexSeefeldt_ReflectionAndAnalysis.pdf (1058 kB)
Reflection and Analysis of Missa Gloriæ Patris

MissaGloriæPatris_AlexSeefeldt_SJAWorshipAid.pdf (979 kB)
Worship Aid from the premiere of Missa Gloriæ Patris

Kyrie60Seconds.wav (10335 kB)
First 60 seconds of Kyrie recording

AgnusDei60Seconds.wav (10335 kB)
First 60 seconds of Agnus Dei recording

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