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Spring 5-2-2016


Biology | Chemicals and Drugs | Developmental Biology | Life Sciences | Toxicology


Dr. Jennifer Schaefer, Biology


This paper examines the effects of the chemical preservative bisphenol-A on the developing nervous systems of Drosophila melanogaster, or fruit fly, larvae. This study examines the effects of bisphenol-A using both behavioral as well as morphological paradigms. It was determined that bisphenol-A significantly increased the amount of time larvae spent in seeking behavior, the number of peristaltic contractions, and the distance traveled in a linear fashion. In the morphological analysis, indications of increased dendritic area in experimental larvae existed, but there was not enough data to determine significance. For future research, it is recommended that more data be gathered to determine bisphenol-A's effect on both morphological anatomy of motor neurons as well as locomotive behavior.