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Arts and Humanities | East Asian Languages and Societies | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Film and Media Studies | Japanese Studies | Other Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Visual Studies | Women's Studies


Jeff DuBois, Asian Studies and Languages & Cultures


Japanese feminism directly impacts the social image of non-male sexuality in Japanese literature and pop-culture through highlighting gender roles, ingrained misogyny, and violence toward non-male oriented sex. This project will specifically focus on the power dynamics of sex in Japanese society through gender roles, female sexuality, and the rise of Japanese feminist movement. An observation of sexuality in Japan from such female works as The Apprenticeship of the Big Toe P and Snakes and Earrings in contrast to male works such as Norwegian Wood and Memoirs of a Geisha provide further insights to the role that sex plays in the Japanese community. By closely examining these texts and accompanying film adaptations through a critical feminist perspective and with the aid of scholarly articles and documentaries, this project seeks to determine the limits of non-male sexual expression and its evolution in Japan.