A Degree of Freedom Manager for Multiphysics Simulation with performance Analysis

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Computer Sciences


Parallel programming allows for the efficient solving of many problems, including those in the domains of physics and engineering. One particular set of problems relies upon the use of the finite element method to solve partial differential equations. Panzer provides a set of software tools to solve large problems in this domain utilizing the power in using large numbers of processors. As part of these solutions, a large, distributed grid must be uniquely indexed. This problem is further complicated by the varying sizes, shapes, and patterns present on the grid. The DOFManager solves this problem through the use of a compelling algorithm which is applicable to a wide number of different applications. Additionally, performance concerns later in the use of the DOFManager are also important to consider when ordering elements locally, and can have a dramatic effect on the speed of these steps. This algorithm is an extremely effective way to leverage powerful data structures and communication primitives found in Trillinos.