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Creative Writing | Film and Media Studies


Chris Freeman


.alabastard. is a feature length film that I wrote, directed, produced, and co-edited. The film weaves through the lives of many distinct and often abstract characters. None of these characters, however, interact; rather, they remain their own separate entities and function to demonstrate the isolation and deindividualization that permeates much of the film's mood. The main character, a boy named Jane, pulls the viewer into the film through his nonchalance in discussing childhood abuse and neglect at the hands of his mother. He remains vulnerable and innocent while simultaneously demonstrating a unique personality and intelligence through his simple, yet wrenching, dialogue. Another technique used in the film is the montage. In the film montage serves and creates rhythm, dynamics, narrative flow, surrealism, and in many ways is the key to the door that unlocks meaning for the film as a whole. .alabastard. stands as a largely allegorical piece, and its meaning, therefore, resides in each individual viewer. It is his or her challenge to place him or herself into the film, to become a part of the madness.