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Art Practice | Arts and Humanities | Fine Arts


By investigating the juxtaposition of the spiritual sacrifice between life and death, as well as discovering the capabilities of paint as a medium, I hoped to create a body of work that encourages thought and discovery of tension and conflict, both within the work and within the viewer. This project helped create an environment of thoughtful creation, research, and investigation that will continue to influence me beyond the completion of this semester. This work is as much about the viewer and their reaction, as it is about my own internal investigation into juxtaposition, conflict, and tension. Not only is the subject matter thought provoking, but the process that I found myself engaged in to create my work was also full of struggle and pressure. My thesis covers my research, process, and reflection as it has impacted my final work being shown in the show “Wander”.


This is a written Honors Thesis in support of the creation and exhibition of a body of work; formed and explored over the course of my final year as an Art Major. On display at the Alice R. Rogers Gallery & Target Gallery at St. John’s University from April 13 to May 10, 2015.