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Arts and Humanities | English Language and Literature | Nonfiction


Mara Faulkner


The memoir begins with the letter I read at my father's funeral service in June of 1998. The introduction addresses why I chose the form of memoir and why my relationship with my father should be publicized. Following the introduction are the chapters "Houses" and "Lies" which are stories from my childhood. These chapters are placed in approximately 1984 when I was in kindergarten. The concluding section of the memoir addresses why I chose the memoir form and gave me the chance to recognize works that guided my writing. The books I chose as an accompaniment to my writing fit into three categories, each with very different narrative voices. The first, 'how to' books included narration on the actual process of writing memoir. The second type of reading, and the most extensive, were actual memoirs. The last type of reading focused solely on suicide.