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Arts and Humanities | Playwriting | Theatre and Performance Studies


Kaarin Johnston, Theater


For my senior honors thesis, I wanted to do a creative project. I chose to write an original play, hoping to draw upon my experiences over the last four years, including having already written a one act play my sophomore year. I spent a year working with ideas, reading other plays to examine different forms, and experimenting with the characters. The bulk of the dialogue was written this spring, and I worked with my faculty readers to trim down the excesses and sharpen the focus of the plot. I believe I completed my goal in authoring the play: I learned much about myself in how I write, the way I see and hear scenes unfold in my mind as I write dialogue, and I especially learned about the level of persistence necessary when working solo on such an undertaking as this. I also discovered a deeper feeling of accomplishment; after all the struggles and doubt, I know that "Yes, I did it."

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