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Business Administration, Management, and Operations


Paul Marsnik


This is a study of the increasing use of temporary workers during the late 1980's and the 1990's. The paper begins with an investigation of current literature in order to define temporary employment and illustrate the size of the temporary workforce and its growth. The use of temporary workers is then analyzed by examining several industries. Following this, the use of temporary workers in organizations is explored in order to determine what perceived benefits organizations receive by using temporary workers and the potential problems they may experience as a result of this usage. A similar search is also done for temporary employees to examine what advantages and disadvantages one may experience by working as a temporary employee. The last portion of the paper looks at the results of two different surveys that were used to test two hypotheses. Hypothesis one is that people who work as temporary employees gain advantages over people who do not work as a temp. Hypothesis two is that the use of temporary workers will provide organizations with tanginble benefits. A complete analysis of survey results, conclusions, and limitations is included.