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Michael Ross


Liquid-Liquid Extraction using methylene chloride, Liquid-Liquid extraction using a 75:25 mexanes: ethyl acetate solvent, and Solid Phase Extraction using C-18 disks were compared. Aliquots of water spiked with alachlor, atrazine, and trifluralin were extracted using each of the techniques. The extracts were concentrated and analyzed using Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer with Selected Ion Monitoring. A surrogate, 2-nitro-m-xlene, and an internal standard, phenanthrene-d10,, were used. At spiking levels of 5-60 ug/L, there was not a significant statistical difference between the three methods when the liquid extractors were run for 24 hours. There was however a difference between the solid phase extraction and the liquid-liquid extractions when the liquid extractors were run for only 3 hours.

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