Reflections on Betrayal by Harold Pinter: A Creative Theatrical Project

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Acting | Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies


Kaarin S. Johnston, Theater


Jerry Tischeleder, Sean Whitehead and I collaborated together to design, build, perform, direct, and publicize an independent student theatrical production of Harold Pinter's play, Betrayal. All three of us have aspirations toward a career in professional theater and so our senior project served to bridge the transition from a sheltered, educational environment to a more professional world of theater at large. The three of us received a grant through the Undergraduate Research Program so we could perform the production for the CSB/SJU community without admission fees. We rehearsed throughout January 2001, engaging in both physical and mental explorations of our acting craft. We performed three performances for over 300 people in February 2001. Our Honors Senior Creative Project allowed us to gain confidence in our abilities as actors and to develop a more complete understanding of theater, while providing a worthwhile theatrical experience for our community. Our experience with Betrayal has deepened our appreciation of our art and given us a number of skills that will help us in our future endeavors.