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Theatre and Performance Studies


Kaarin Johnston


After directing an hour-long children's play during January of 1997, I needed to reflect on the project and what it meant to me. In my reflection paper I discuss the process that I, as a director, went through from the moment I decided I wanted to direct a play to idealizing about my next directing project. This process that I describe includes what I learned from choosing a script, auditions, researching for the production, rehearsals, audience reactions to the production, and what I learned about myself. I also describe how directing a children's play in the style of Commedia dell' Arte has increased my knowledge of children's theater and the Italian Commedia dell' Arte during the sixteenth, seventeeenth, and eighteeenth centuries. The production materials included (prompt script, costumes, properties, etc.) should enable the reader to gain a clearer understanding of the more technical elements of the production.