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Computer Sciences


J. Andrew Holey


Object-oriented development has become quite popular and well-known throughout the computer industry. There are three components that are a part of object-oriented development. One component is object-oriented analysis which involves the creation of an object-oriented model based on the application domain of the software system. The second component is object-oriented design which is when the programmers develop an object-oriented model based on the defined requirements for the software system. The last component is object-oriented programming which is the process of implementing the software system so it becomes a reality. Together these three components provide programmers with a beneficial tool in software development. Object-oriented development focuses on the concept of an object which is a software entity that has attributes and operations associated with it. These software objects can model real-world counterparts in order for programmers to simulate real-world situations. This simulation is accomplished by objects becoming abstractions of their real-world counterparts in which they manage their own state and offer services to other objects.