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German Language and Literature | German Literature


John Kulas, OSB


This project is a translation of twenty short stories by Helga Novak, a contemporary author born in eastern Berlin. The stories were all written between 1965 and 1980. They are divided into four sections: Fish Factory, Carpet Weaving, Traveling, and Sojourn in a Crazy House. The first three sections consist of very short stories, approximately one page long, taken from Novak's collection called Geselliges Beisammensein (Social Gathering). The last section is made up of three longer stories, each about 10 pages long, taken from Aufenthalt in einem irren Haus (Sojourn in a Crazy House), which represent some of Novak's later work. I have also included a translator's introduction, relating some of my experiences in translating a longer work and my position in the discourse of translation theory.